first trimester pregnancy log

Travis and I kept this pregnancy secret for a long time — 16 weeks! But in the mean time, I was keeping this private journal of my feelings and symptoms. I thought it would be interesting to have for future reference. It is a lot of text and I am sure not many will be interested in it… but if you are newly pregnant, it might be nice to read through someone else’s experience… Enjoy!


It is May 9th and I just took a pregnancy test… after more than a year of unsuccessful trying, taking a pregnancy test takes a lot of courage. But I FINALLY got to see two lines. Relief! Happiness! Nervousness! I’m still in a bit of disbelief that the European trip actually worked. Ha! Travis and I are thrilled. Maybe this was just in my head, but I felt a sense of peace during the last week of the trip… I felt calm and like everything was going to be ok, which made me think I might be pregnant. Just a coincidence or my first symptom?

May 10th – The day after I discovered I am pregnant and I wake up and run a 10k. Ha! I actually did a run/walk for the race and took it quite easy, but it is difficult to resist the pressure to be faster and to race hard. I want to stay as fit and active as possible, but it is also hard not to worry about disturbing the pregnancy. I already love that little poppy seed-sized baby and don’t want to do anything to hurt it!

May 11th – Mother’s Day… I guess next year I will be a mom. woah.

May 17th – Today I am five weeks pregnant and I ran the Brooklyn Half Marathon. I wasn’t sure if I would do it, but I felt good in the morning and decided to just take it easy for the race and see how I felt. Every resource I’ve read says that exercise is much more beneficial than not, and that you can continue your usual routine but at a lower intensity. Half Marathons are definitely my usual routine, but I did make sure to take it really easy. I could breathe deeply the entire race and paid close attention to eating and drinking consistently. I ate potatoes during the race and drank a water/gatorade mix. I am working hard to avoid any unnecessary sugar, so I didn’t use any Gus or gummies. I found myself talking to the little babe and asking it how it was doing. I think he/she had fun! I felt great during the race, but was pretty tired for the rest of the weekend.

May 19th – Nausea, fatigue, headaches, and a decrease in appetite have definitely all set in now. It is bearable, but definitely distracts me from my work and makes me want to lay around all day. I guess I imagined that my thrill and excitement over being pregnant would offset any symptoms… but I definitely underestimated how sick I’d feel. I’ve also given up coffee. I was drinking very little, less than a cup a day for the last few months, but I decided to cut it out entirely over the weekend. So, that probably isn’t helping my symptoms either…

May 20th – The three flights of stairs up to our apartment are killing me! SO out of breath every time! Also, I’m craving red meat. All the time.

May 21st – I think Crusher knows!! He has been very cuddly lately and is sitting on my lap way more than usual. Also, I can’t exercise. I am just so worn out. I am sleeping a TON. I am worried about losing my fitness.

week6May 24thSix weeks pregnant! Nausea and loss of appetite are hitting hard. I didn’t expect to truly not want to eat. That is quite odd for me. I seem to have all the classic pregnancy symptoms at this point, strong sense of smell, fatigue, sore breasts, stuffy nose, and lots of digestion issues. I’ll survive, but I guess I didn’t expect it ALL! Travis is taking good care of me. It is fun to think about BabyJ (now the size of a blueberry!) but I guess I feel like I can’t get too attached until I go to the doctor in two weeks and find out if everything is going well. (I am using a pregnancy app and it gives you these cute little drawings of your babe each week.)

May 28th – I’m getting frustrated. I am tired of being tired all of the time and not being able to exercise or really accomplish anything. I should embrace the rest, but I hate feeling unproductive and sluggish.


May 30th – I’ll be seven weeks pregnant tomorrow and I thought I should try out a “before” belly photo. Supposedly, my uterus is twice its size, but nothing is showing yet. (Except for the fact that my boobs are huge.) Should I try doing the belly shots more professionally? Like set up the tripod? Take one every week? Every day? Ugh. Do I care about that sort of thing? I mean, my abs are not very impressive, so it isn’t like I can use the photos to brag about my pre-baby form… but I do like how you can see the fear in my eyes in this first photo. This is happening!! Ahhhhhh!

June 2nd – Still feeling sluggish and tired. I actually skipped two parties over the weekend just so I could rest on the couch. I hope my friends will forgive me. Exercise feels impossible, but I am going to try to force myself this week.

June 4th – Yesterday I was feeling great and was sure the sluggishness of the first trimester was fading. Today I am back to nausea and fatigue. I am constantly craving salty food and I can’t stop thinking about Kentucky Fried Chicken. Which is weird because I’ve probably eaten at KFC less than a dozen times in my entire life. And I do NOT want any sweets. So weird. I really wanted to make exercise a priority during this pregnancy, but day-to-day living is kicking my butt. I can’t bring myself to go to yoga or for a run. Sad face.

June 9th – More than 8 weeks pregnant! The fatigue and nausea comes and goes from day to day. One day I’ll be feeling like myself, then the next I’m sick again. Maybe I’m just getting used to it all. Exercise is still very tough. A three mile walk to the park really wore me out on Sunday. I had an emotional break down on Saturday, but otherwise I’m feeling fairly positive. I’m looking forward to getting my first doctor’s appointment over with on Thursday. Travis is coming with me to the ultrasound. I hope it is all good news.

babyhandJune 10th – I am feeling inspired to write more in this log, since my first trimester is going by quickly! My app gives me an image of how big BabyJ’s hand is now compared to when it is born. That pink spec is its tiny hand! I’m either starting to feel a little better, or I am getting more used to the nausea and fatigue. It has sort of settled into a pattern: hungry-nausea in the morning when Travis makes me oatmeal and fruit, then at 11 am (exactly) I get really hungry for savory food, then I am basically full-nauseous for the rest of the day and it feels like my digestion has ground to a halt, but I usually snack a bit and have a light dinner. I am drinking a ton of sparkly water with lime. And eating lots of pickles. I’ve always liked pickles, but now they are a daily thing. I’ve even sipped on the juice. All of the official doctor websites seem to say that cravings mean nothing and suggest “hey, try eating a healthy alternative, like some fresh veggies or quinoa,” but I can’t imagine that all of these women are craving pickles for no reason! We ARE making more blood and are at an increase need for electrolytes, so maybe it is just a simple need for more sodium… All I know is that I am still thinking about KFC, but I haven’t broken down and had any yet. Travis and I have actually been eating super healthy (eating tons of organic CSA veggies and fruits, avoiding sugar and processed foods, cooking at home, etc) and I have actually lost a few pounds since getting back from Europe. I’m glad because I really hope to start this pregnancy at a healthy weight in the doctor’s eyes. I don’t want to be put in a high risk category! Some good news: I managed to swim yesterday and do an hour-long pilates workout today. That is pretty huge! The stairs up to our apartment are still killer, but I am glad to be fitting in some exercise. I also got a lot of Swap-bot work done today and I did NOT nap. Wow! Maybe I AM starting to feel better…


June 13th – My first ultrasound and pre-natal appointment were yesterday. Exciting! But let me just preface this by saying, NYC is difficult. Finding a doctor here feels nearly impossible. I had a great OB/GYN office that I loved, but they no longer take my insurance. Every other OB/GYN recommended by friends or online is either not taking new patients, requires a referral, doesn’t take my insurance, or doesn’t accept any insurance at all. I wanted to stay in Brooklyn, but I could not for the life of me find an OB/GYN in my neighborhood. All of the women here apparently go to Manhattan. So… I finally decided to go with the Maternal & Fetal Health team at NYU Langone. That is where I had my surgery in January, and even though it is a huge hassle to get to on the east side of midtown Manhattan, it is a highly ranked hospital and I felt like it would be a comfortable and familiar place.

So… the ultrasound was wonderful. Travis came with me and the technician was so friendly and sweet. She kept telling us how cute and perfect BabyJ is! And he/she is! We got to see a perfect little nine-week-old fetus – head, brain, arms, legs, even the beginnings of fingers and toes. Everything looks perfect! The heart beat registered at 160 beats per minute and we even saw the tiny baby moving around! That was amazing. The technician gave us lots of printouts and I left feeling so happy and relieved that everything seems to be progressing well.


It is all very complicated, but the ultrasounds are not performed at the same location as the doctor’s appointments. And I had to wait three hours in between the two appointments. Travis and I killed time by getting lunch, then he went to work and I walked around the city for a while. Definitely not ideal, but what choice do I have? Even with the wait, I was still very happy by the time I got to the doctor’s. I probably had too high of hopes that it would be a good experience.

What can I say other than that I did not have a good experience at the doctor’s? I know that doctors are extremely busy. I know they have to deal with lots of annoying patients. I know that small talk is not necessarily part of their job description. It still upset me that my new doctor spent maybe five total minutes with me. That included my pelvic exam, breast exam, and intake interview. Other than strict medical history, she asked NOT ONE personal question. She didn’t even ask if I was taking prenatal vitamins. She never said “congrats” or “welcome” or “nice to meet you.” I asked two (very normal) questions which she basically dismissed and barely answered. I got in trouble for not giving a urine sample before I saw her even though no one had told me to. It really felt like she was angry at me for being there. As soon as she left the room, I started crying. BUT I am going to try to keep a level head. Maybe I am an emotional pregnant lady. Maybe I expected too much. Maybe I wasn’t very friendly back. I didn’t ask her any personal questions either… The nurses were all nice and excellent at their jobs. And maybe the doctor was having a stressful day. I freaked out and cried the whole way home (on the hot, crowded subway) then complained incessantly to Travis, my friend Suzy, and my brother. I couldn’t sleep and worried about being in pain in front of a not nice lady… but today I am feeling better. I really don’t have any other doctor choices. I’ll get to see the rest of the doctor team at NYU eventually and maybe I can win over my doctor. Any suggestions on endearing yourself to an all-business, stern and fancy, professional, NYC lady?

nineweeksJune 14th – Today I am nine weeks pregnant and I am feeling good. With a little space from the doctor’s appointment, I am trying to just focus on the happiness and thrill of being pregnant with a healthy, little, one-inch babe. I keep gazing at the ultrasound pics and showing them to Crusher. I am still feeling fatigued and today I seem to get a fast heart beat with even moderate movement, like walking, but I am definitely less nauseous. I think. I guess it could come back at any time! I am just really thankful to be feeling confident that I CAN DO THIS.

June 17th – Not too much new to report. I ran a five-mile race on Sunday with Travis that didn’t go very well. We did a run/walk, actually. I am trying to get my 9+1 qualifying races this year which will give me entry into the 2015 NYC Marathon. I can’t decided if doing the races and aiming for the marathon is a good way to keep myself engaged in the running scene and motivated to get back to it OR if it is a lot of unnecessary pressure to put on myself. Running still feels nearly impossible. Yesterday, I was so tired I felt like I couldn’t even think straight. And my sleep is already suffering. (And I know, I know, once BabyJ gets here, I’ll NEVER sleep again. Thanks for the tip.) I wake up to go pee at least once a night and I have really intense dreams that wake me up. Crusher and I don’t nap EVERY DAY… just most. Anyway, I actually feel like I am adapting well and my body is taking to pregnancy really naturally. I just want to write down all of my symptoms for the record. It is already interesting to go back to my previous entries and read how I was feeling! My current craving? Salsa!!


June 20th – I am feeling very grateful that my pregnancy is going well so far. It took a lot of work to get here and I know that not everyone gets to have a happy outcome, so I want to appreciate this experience as much as possible. I got my test results back from the doctor (blood & urine) and everything about my health looks basically perfect, all within the healthy ranges. Not that I expected any problems, but it is just such a relief to get any good news. My next appointment will include lots of screenings looking for any problems with the baby. Even though I know that everything has been going really well, it is still scary to face all of the screening and testing. But I will be brave. In other news, I went to a yoga class yesterday and it was HARD! I haven’t been in a while, but man, my abs are sore today! Obviously, things must be shifting around because I have never had abs this sore after yoga before. Also, I just ate half a jar of salsa. At 10 am.


June 21st – Well, I am ten weeks pregnant today and it is starting to feel real. The baby is supposedly the size of a kumquat, but i really haven’t noticed much belly changes. It is hard to get an accurate belly photo. (Photo booth on my computer probably isn’t the best choice. I feel like the perspective is wonky.) Some days I sort of feel bloated, but otherwise I think my waistline is only slightly bulkier. I’m wearing all of my regular pants so far. The nausea has definitely lessened, but my appetite is still low. I can’t eat huge meals. But I guess that is a good thing. I’m about to attempt to go for a short, easy run… I’ll let you know how it goes.


Tuesday, June 24th – Happy news! I can run! I went for a run/walk on Saturday, rested Sunday, swam on Monday, and went out running again today! Consistent exercise! I am feeling so much more like myself. The runs are short and incredibly slow, but being able to run at all without my heart beating so hard it scares me is a real triumph! Overall, I think I am definitely starting to settle into this pregnancy. The nausea is gone and my appetite is increasing a bit… which is also a little scary! I really don’t want to go overboard with eating. I want to pace my weight gain as healthily as possible. Stairs are still hard and I still took a little nap today, but I feel less brain dead and more productive. Heartburn and bathroom trips still make sleeping tough at night, but I can deal. Overall, I feel good!

Monday, June 20th – Ups and downs. As of Saturday, I am eleven weeks pregnant. Saturday was a great day. I was feeling good and ran the 5 mile Pride Run in Central Park. My pace was still incredibly slow, but I felt more like I could actually run normally and only had to walk the two biggest hills. Travis and I went to brunch after, and then we even went out to dinner with a friend. A fun day! But Sunday I was sluggish and brain dead. I over-did it by walking all over the city (to buy bigger bras) and I just felt fat and down on myself. My weight is up today and I still feel down. I am so fortunate that the pregnancy is going well, and I guess that frees up my brain to worry about other things… and right now I am obsessing over body image issues. I am exercising every day and eating extremely healthy, just like all the doctors and guides say to… but it just doesn’t seem to be doing anything beneficial. Blah. I am in a bad mood.

11.5weeksThursday, July 3rd – I’m still battling my body image demons, but also working hard to keep a level head. Travis doesn’t like me calling myself fat, but it is how I feel. I haven’t actually gained any weight, but my boobs are huge (up at least a cup size) and although my belly isn’t really showing anything, I just feel bloated all the time. Wah, wah. Complain, complain. Despite my whining, I am actually feeling really fine. I’m worried that I’m having some vein issues because I have some bruising on my legs, but otherwise, I am just looking forward to getting the first trimester over with so that we can start telling people our good news!!

Monday, July 7th – I’m more than twelve weeks pregnant and Travis and I went to Los Angeles to celebrate! Not really. We actually went for our friends’ wedding, but it was a fun, little “babymoon” vacation all the same. I was worried that the plane trips would really upset my stomach, but it wasn’t any different than usual. We ate good food, ran at Griffith Park, had a lovely time at the wedding with friends, and even spent a day at DisneyLand! (We bought BabyJ a cute souvenir.) We went to the beach on Saturday and I wore my bikini. You’d think with all the body image complaining I’ve been doing, I wouldn’t be caught dead in a swimsuit, but I guess I wanted to face the reality of the situation. (And reality isn’t SO bad!) This is what I look like now. No wishing or complaining is going to change that, and I guess I want to set myself up for realistic expectations for after the baby is born. I don’t have a perfect body now, so expecting myself to have one later is unrealistic. (Remind me of that in a year!) Anyhoo, I still don’t have a baby bump, but no one would say I have a trim waistline either. I am definitely feeling bloated and a little tight in pants. But now I am starting to get more excited for BabyJ to start growing! I am looking forward to feeling him/her move. Tomorrow is my second ultrasound appointment and I am really looking forward to seeing the little babe!


Tuesday, July 8th – Today was my second ultrasound. It went really well! Travis came with me again, and although the technician wasn’t quite as friendly, it was awesome to see BabyJ again. The technician did both a belly ultrasound and an internal in order to get a good look at the baby’s face and neck (this was the nuchal translucency screening). The technician said that the baby’s size indicates that it is actually a week ahead in its development, measuring at 13 weeks, 4 days. The last ultrasound technician said something similar, but the doctor did not think it would change my January 17th due date. (I do think I ovulated and conceived earlier than an average pregnancy, but I guess a week here or there doesn’t matter much.) BabyJ is about 7.5 centimeters long and was moving all around. We saw the skinny legs and arms, the spine and brain, plus a tiny beating heart. We saw him/her swallowing, twisting, and kicking. Everything (to my untrained eye) looked perfect, but we’ll get the official report in a few days. It seems so strange that there is a 3-inch human wiggling all around inside my abdomen and I can’t even feel it. I wish I could have an ultrasound recording the baby all the time!


12.5weeksI was so excited when I got home that I tried to take another belly photo… This is me at 12.5 weeks pregnant. I’m wearing a J.Crew maxi dress that was sort of my first “maternity” purchase, even though it isn’t technically maternity. I think it will work well all through pregnancy. I might wear it every day. I tried to stick out my belly more for this shot. Ha! I can sort of imagine that I have a baby bump if I really stick it out or after a big meal, but mostly I feel pretty normal. I was actually concerned before going to the ultrasound appointment that something might be wrong, only because I have been feeling so good. Other than some tiredness and sleeplessness, I feel like myself. My cravings have mostly subsided, but I do go through bouts of extreme hunger. Plus, some heartburn, and sore breasts, and falling asleep at 9 pm… but otherwise, normal! ha!

Sunday, July 13th – Well, I am officially 13 weeks pregnant which means that the first trimester is almost over! (Or might already be over depending on what app you are looking at…) From my current perspective it feels like it went fast and that is wasn’t so bad, but I know that there were quite a few weeks when I was feeling quite sick, tired, and frustrated. Right now, I feel pretty good. Exercise is much easier, but not exactly EASY. I ran yesterday and today. I felt more comfortable doing so, but it is still difficult and very slow, especially going uphill. Yesterday I had some abdominal discomfort. I don’t think I can feel the baby yet, but I could definitely feel SOMETHING while running. Maybe just the ab muscles stretching or my uterus bouncing around as I ran. I’ve also been having some joint discomfort (which I know can be a pregnancy symptom) so I think I should keep my mileage low. I am worried that I’ll never be able to run fast again, but I know I should be thankful and relieved that I am finally able to make exercise a more consistent part of my day-to-day life. I went to lap swim for the first time this summer at the public pool on Thursday and it went really well. I think swimming will become even more and more helpful as my pregnancy progresses. It is a great full-body workout and it is fun!

Even though the first trimester is nearly over, I am going to keep this log going for a bit longer. We aren’t going to tell our families about my pregnancy until we see them in person in three weeks… after that, I can start publishing things more openly on my blog.

Tuesday, July 15th – I had my second doctor’s appointment today. The doctor was much nicer (she had a med student shadowing her) but I was still in and out of the hospital in less than 15 minutes! Literally. That is after a 45 minute, $30 taxi ride there, and then a sweaty, one-hour, three-train subway trip home. ugh. The good news is that the Nuchal Translucency Screen came back totally normal. I haven’t gained any weight (yay!) and she says I look great. I got to see the baby’s heart beating again… and then that was a about it. I asked her about running and she said to keep it up. She said there is no limit to how much I can do as long as I feel good, and that exercise is the best thing I can do for a smooth and healthy pregnancy. SO, I feel like we are on the same page. Nice! I am extremely thankful that everything is going so well. I feel almost guilty that I got so upset when we were having fertility problems… and now it is all working out. But I guess I still have quite a ways to go…

almost14weeks2Friday, July 18th – Just a quick update… I am craving dairy! Yesterday I ate milk (whole milk!), cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream dip, yogurt, and frozen yogurt. That is a LOT of dairy. I am going to look into additional calcium supplements just in case this is a sign that I’m not getting enough. I have sore abs. I went swimming on Wednesday, which was a great workout and fun, but it made my lower abs really sore. I am having some general lower abdominal discomfort probably just due to stuff stretching out… because everything IS stretching out! I was thinking I might never start showing, and I still don’t know if it really counts, but I feel like my little baby bump popped out overnight! This photo to the left was after a fairly large lunch, but I definitely DO have a little tummy starting! I have still been wearing my normal pants, but using a rubber band technique to give myself a little room. It is hard to tell in the photo below, but you basically just use a hair band looped over the button, through the button hole, and back around the button. It works surprisingly well! I’m also getting painful cramps in my lower abs if I stand up too fast or shift position abruptly. Not good. I wonder if the cramps will last the whole pregnancy… Overall, I am still feeling really good and more energized, but I still nap and there are still sluggish days. I am excited to start getting more of a belly, but also nervous. I guess that is about normal… six more months to go!


Saturday, July 19th – Ooof. Today I am 14 weeks pregnant, which by all calculations indicates that I have completed the first trimester! Maybe I should be feeling accomplished, but I am feeling DOWN today. I tried to go for a “long” run this morning and it didn’t go well. I made it six miles in the city, slower than ever. It made me feel old, fat, and sluggish. I tried to take a belly selfie on the Manhattan Bridge, but it was so unflattering that I almost cried. I know that I should be very happy that my legs can carry me for 6+ miles of exercise, but I feel down on myself. No coffee, no sweets (I think I am basically having an aversion to them), and exercise only makes me feel like a fat slug. Sad face. Even though I am proud of myself for doing a good job with this pregnancy, I just don’t feel like healthy food and naps are always enough to make me feel ok about myself. Boo.


Sunday, July 20th – In an attempt to get more enthusiastic about my baby-growing body, I made Travis take some 14-week “bump” photos of me down by the Brooklyn Bridge. I was hoping for more flattering results, but this is the best we could do. I may be the world’s worst model. I cannot act natural or pose in a way that hides my overflow boob/armpit fat. Next time I’ll go with long sleeves. And maybe not sweaty workout clothes. And a more flattering bra. But this is what I look like now, in real life. Not too bump-y, but I guess it depends on the angle and how much I am trying to stick it out. These baby bump photos may not be my thing… maybe I should just save the photo shoots for when the baby arrives…


Wednesday, July 23rd – Not much new to report, but I wanted to record my crazy lack of appetite. Other than at 11 am each day when I crave savory food, I basically am never really hungry. I take that back. Hunger actually hits me differently now. I almost always feel bloated, puffy, and full, but if I haven’t eaten in a while I start to get a headache. I have had a headache for the last two days! I never thought I’d ever hear myself say this, but I am a little bit worried that I may not be getting ENOUGH calories. For someone who is usually always eating too much, that is a really strange concept. Between all the food restrictions (no alcohol, no coffee, no deli meat, no sushi, no soft cheeses, etc), and all of the things I am trying to avoid (processed food, refined sugar, too much salt), plus my lack of desire to really eat anything sweet, eating has become a bit of a chore. I don’t even feel like eating ice cream! So weird. But don’t fret, I am not actually THAT worried. I AM eating. And I am really thankful that I am not eating too much. It is just such a strange state to be in to not be interested in food!

Sidenote: These “Dressing the Bump” videos from Oh Joy! are really cute.

4am, Friday, July 25th – So… I’ve been tossing and turning since 2am and finally decided to just get up and do something else. My digestion is the main issue. I feel like nothing I ate yesterday is digesting and my stomach/entire digestion system is upset. I haven’t been eating anything after dinner mostly because I don’t want to, but maybe I’ll have to eat dinner earlier, too. And eat less. But even though I feel totally full and bloated and gross about what I ate yesterday, adding up the calories still doesn’t indicate that I am eating too much. I DID have a donut yesterday, which I haven’t had in quite a while, so maybe that is the culprit! Oh well, I guess I need to try out this whole “sleepless nights” thing before the baby arrives. I am just so thankful that my Swap-bot work is flexible enough to allow for daytime naps!

15.5weeksTuesday, July 29th – My 15 week milestone passed by on Saturday without much notice. I guess I’ve gotten used to it all. Heartburn and not sleeping through the night are both still the major challenges. Exercise is definitely easier and I have been doing a LOT of it. Mostly walking, but also some running and swimming. For some reason I just can’t force myself back to yoga. It just doesn’t seem appealing. In big news: I finally broke out my new maternity shorts. I had mostly been wearing two pairs of shorts that I had bought in previous years a size too big, and they are still working fine… but they are in the wash. And the maternity shorts are so comfy! The have elastic panels instead of front pockets which make them very easy to wear.

What else? Well, I am really nervous about going home to Kansas City tomorrow. Chelsea’s wedding is on Saturday and I am very worried about just looking fat. There will be a lot of photos. We are going to wait to tell everyone the news until Sunday at dinner. I’m nervous. I also feel anxiety over the fact that we haven’t planned some cutesy way of revealing the news. Travis isn’t into cutesy… and neither am I, really. Plus, I don’t want to spend the time decorating t-shirts/mugs/picture frames or making elaborate cookies. Am I lazy? We are taking everyone out to dinner… that is fun, right?


Wednesday, August 6th – I was so nervous about going home to KC and trying to hide my pregnancy until after Myles & Chelsea’s wedding, but the trip went perfectly! The wedding was fabulous and fun, and even though I still felt like my dress was too small (I look WAY pregnant in the photo above), I don’t think anyone really noticed anything. Or, everyone was focused on the wedding and too distracted to check out what my belly was doing. We helped with prep and clean up, took a lot of nice photos, and basically had a really great time. I was NERVOUS on Sunday before taking the Lambles, Johnsons, and new McCormicks out to dinner, but Travis spilled the news pretty quickly and then everyone was excited and happy. It was great to have everyone there and I think it really was a big surprise. Mom said she had no idea! June already sent us home with a baby gift and Mom gave me my old baby book. It was a wonderful trip. The funny thing is that as soon as we told everyone that I was pregnant, I feel like my baby bump grew! It is sticking out a lot more now! I even broke out my new black maternity dress and leggings… I guess we are on our way!!




So… I think this is the end of this first trimester log. I am currently a few weeks into my second trimester and plan to do more frequent, weekly updates if I can. I feel like this pregnancy is already zooming by and I want to keep track of my thoughts and feelings. Stay tuned!

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  1. Congratulations to you both! And awww, I wish I could give first-trimester Rachel a hug. it is totally physiologically legit for you to be so damn exhausted all the time. Your fetus was constantly vacuuming up glucose and glycogen from your body to grow and develop. Diabetic ladies have HORRENDOUS low blood sugars during the first trimester because of this, and even with a functioning pancreas your body was directing so many resources to BabyJ. I can’t imagine what that’s like with the nausea too! So, I hope that you feel better now and that the pregnancy goes smoothly!

  2. I’m so glad you kept this log! I am beyond excited about this baby and can’t wait to hear more pregnancy updates! You are doing great.

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