pregnancy log: weeks 27 & 28


Tuesday, October 14th – I got the results back from my blood and glucose tests… and good news: NO anemia and NO gestational diabetes! Hooray! I also got a flu shot last week, so I am feeling healthy & smart. ha! Yesterday I had some cramping and a really tight belly (and BabyJ was moving all over like crazy) but today I feel MUCH better. I’ve been productive. Plus, the apartment is really starting to come together. All in all, I am happy.


travisbdayWednesday, October 15th – Today is daddy Travis’ birthday! My friend Suzy and I did some pre-natal exercise (walking) while running errands for the evening’s festivities. Suzy is pregnant, too!! (She just announced it this week!) She is about twelve weeks behind me and we couldn’t resist posing with our baby/fruit equivalents at the grocery store. Such a cute lemon and butternut squash! I am so thankful to have a friend going through this experience with me. It helps a lot to have someone to talk to.

(Travis got a few BabyJ-themed gifts for his birthday… I don’t think he minded too much.)

Friday, October 17th – Today marks exactly three months until BabyJ’s January 17th due date! AND the new rocker got delivered today. Once the ottoman arrives, I think it will be the perfect cozy spot to feed and snuggle.


Saturday, October 18th – Today I am officially 27 weeks pregnant. All is well, but I am feeling exceptionally huge these days. It is daunting to think that I have three more months to get larger! Staying active has already become a challenge — my back hurts when I overdo it on time on my feet — and I know it is just going to get more intense. I know that the rapid weight gain is mostly baby… but it isn’t ALL baby. My butt and legs are definitely getting flabby and out of shape. It seems unfair since I am walking (and climbing the three flights of stairs to our apartment multiple times) every single day. I get overwhelmed when I think about the future challenge of getting back in shape and losing weight. So scary.


Sunday, October 19th – Travis and I did a small four-mile race today with friends. I ran a tiny bit of it, but mostly walked. My bladder really gets battered and I have to pee too much when running, but I keep trying to do a little here and there. It was fabulous to see our friends, but I feel a little embarrassed. I am worried that “civilians” won’t understand why I am so huge. I mean, I know that everyone knows I am pregnant, but I still just feel GIANT. I am tempted to just hibernate for the next six months so I don’t have to face the world as a tired, flabby blob. Don’t worry, I won’t really hide. I know I need to come to terms with my size… I’m working on it… I know I am lucky to have a big, healthy baby growing happily inside.


Wednesday, October 22nd – You guys, this pregnancy thing is getting REAL. I know that I felt like it was real before, but things are getting way more intense now. (I am sure I will be repeating this sentiment every week until BabyJ arrives.) I am huge. Someone at the grocery store asked me if I was due this month! Gah. Everything is getting tricky: stairs, sleeping, reaching my feet. And my weight is out of control. I am truly concerned about making it almost three more months…

Thursday, October 23rd – My abs have been super tight and painful for the last 18 hours. I can’t get them to relax. It doesn’t seem to be affecting BabyJ, though. He has been moving all over!

Friday, October 24th – I need to be honest. This week was tough. As I close out the second trimester, I feel like the aches and discomforts of the third are already starting to hit me. I was tired and in pain most of the week and very concerned about making it until January. BUT today I woke up feeling SO MUCH BETTER! My abs are no longer tight and I just feel more comfortable. Thank goodness. I got a few hours of really good sleep and I even made it to prenatal yoga today and enjoyed it. I hope to have an active (but not too active!) weekend to welcome in the third trimester…

28weeksThe things I am trying to focus on these days: 1.) BabyJ! I need to take my attention away from my body image issues and just start dreaming about my sweet, little baby. We are so fortunate that he is healthy and progressing smoothly. 2.) I need to chill out about trying to figure out and plan the birth. It will happen as it happens and I need to just be open to the process. 3.) Instead of worrying about my doctor’s personality, I need to focus on how fortunate I am to have access to excellent medical care. Trying to stay calm and positive…

Saturday, October 26th – Today I am 28 weeks pregnant! I have officially made it to the third trimester! I definitely feel huge and a little uncomfortable, but also confident. I am working hard to focus on my strength and ability to be a good mama throughout this entire adventure.

I went to a pelvic floor workshop today in an attempt to be proactive about my postnatal situation. It was informative, but not entirely specific about what work I can do to help labor go smoothly… It was more about fixing problems after the fact. I have been working on my kegels and pelvic floor strengthening A LOT because many resources say that they can help prep you for a smoother labor, but my doctor basically said they wouldn’t help and the workshop instructor seemed to think focusing on flexibility was more important… so I am feeling a little confused about whether I am wasting my time. Or maybe over-strengthening? Can that happen? Do I really need to start massaging my perineum??

Sometimes I sort of wish I was one of those women who “didn’t know they were pregnant.” (If that ever TRULY happens. I’m skeptical.) Then I could avoid all of this incessant research, reading, and prep work. I mean, the baby is coming out either way, right? I want to be as knowledgable as possible, but at this point I am starting to suspect that no one really knows what they are talking about… Is that harsh? There is just so much conflicting information out there. I know I should err on the side of the medical professionals, but they are not very forthcoming with any specific info. (Beyond “don’t drink alcohol and gain 25 lbs.”) I guess I just need to chill out and roll with the experience. Yay pregnancy!

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  1. This is your first, remember starting a new job. Even though you had the education, it takes a while to get in the rythem of things. You are smart and healthy and everything else will come naturally.

  2. You are right. We’ll figure it all out eventually. I am pretty freaked out about how fast my weight is increasing right now… but I’ll try to stay calm. It is just so hard to lose weight and I don’t want to put myself in a tough situation.

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