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Happy 2015! My New Year’s tradition has been to NOT make any resolutions, but instead to pick a word to focus on for the year.

My word for 2015 is love.

Yes, it is a common word and maybe too obvious of a pick, but it encapsulates three major themes I want to keep in the front of my mind during 2015:

#1 – Love for this little baby inside my belly who will be here before we know it. I want to cherish and appreciate my time with him while he is little and shower him with love.

#2 – Love for life and gratitude for what Travis and I have built and for our many blessings. I want to stay positive and enjoy every day. Even the tough ones.

#3 – Love for self. Body image, productivity, accomplishments – I want to have patience and give myself a break in all of these areas.

Love = filling my heart and mind with gratitude + peace.


My past words:

2014: optimism
2013: sweetness
2012: explore
2011: peace
2010: wonder
2009: busy
2008: hope

What is your one little word for 2015?

5 Replies to “one little word 2015”

  1. My word for 2015 is admiration. I’m in admiration with the little babies I had 30 odd years ago. You all made it seem so easy. I think love mad it easy too.

  2. Can my word be money? I’m ready to focus on money this year. I’ve got bills that can’t be paid in love. I like the word though. I didn’t know true love until I looked in G’s little face for the first time.

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