navy for fall

Spring is usually my fashion comfort zone, mostly because of my love for pastels… but I am really digging this fall’s navy fashions. Instead of the NYC all-black-everything style, I think I’m going to do head-to-toe navy this season.

TOPS: Soulland Gee Raglan Stonewash Sweatshirt | Madewell silk hydrangea top | Rebecca Taylor stainglass tank

EARRINGS: silver dipped triangle studs

DRESS: Joie Halsette dress

PANTS: R13 slouch skinny jean | J. Crew matte crepe drawstring pants

BAGS: 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli bag | Clare Vivier messenger

SHOES: Rachel Comey Penpal Boots

NAILS: Yves Saint Laurent Bleu Majorelle | Essie After School Boy Blazer | Chanel Bel-Argus

What will your signature fall color be?

early birthday goodies

While in California I was surprised by an early birthday party from my sweet in-laws. I loved the gifts I received so much, that I wanted to tell you about them… just in case you are in the market for any of these goodies…

  • Lululemon is something of a family obsession. Travis’ parents got me my very first Scuba hoodie, but it isn’t the one pictured. The one they got me is black, but it also has a detachable faux fur trim on the hood. It is limited edition. Fancy.

My sister-in-law, Chelsea, gave me a collection of gifts inspired by my love for Team in Training purple, and which also happen to line up with the February’s amethyst birthstone color:

  • My new favorite running accessory? Sparkly Soul glitter headbands. They are the best because they are a continuous band of stretchy, nonslip glitter. We wore pink during the Tinkerbell Half Marathon, and Chelsea surprised me with the two purple colors for my birthday.
  • Bobbi Brown is one of my favorite beauty brands and Chelsea got me the brand new, wildly bright, ultra violet lip gloss. Don’t worry, it goes on with just a hint of color.
  • Nail color has been a new and somewhat unlikely hobby of mine. Nail biting has been a bad habit for my whole life, but I am trying to break it. Chelsea knows that I’ve recently been interested in the non-toxic (healthier?) nail polish brand, Butter London, and she got me the metallic purple Hrh color.

I recommend all of these items — they are my new favorites!

I sure got lucky when I married into the Johnson family… and for many more reasons than just lovely birthday gifts. xoxo

tangerine tango

So, Pantone (the authority on color standards) announced that the color of 2012 is tangerine tango. Tangerine tango is a reddish orange and it is basically my least favorite color. BUT, in an effort to be more adventurous and open-minded, I thought I’d entertain the possibility of maybe growing to like the vibrant hue.

I searched around for a few acceptable uses of tangerine tango in fashion:

Kate Spade wedges | Tory Burch clutch | J. Crew necklace

I don’t know… I’m still not sure I can pull off a deep, bright orange… even in accessories. How about you?

Will you incorporate tangerine tango into your wardrobe?


A self portrait at the BlogHer Handmade keynote dinner tonight. We each received a sweet, silver necklace from The Vintage Pearl, plus more crafty swag than I can probably fit in my suitcase. It was a great day. Lots of social media talk and inspiration. I plan to do a full recap sometime in the future when I’m not so tired, but if you want all the details now, follow my Twitter account: @rljart.

My favorite part of the day was the final keynote by Holly Becker. (Remember, I went to her book signing in NY two weeks ago. The book is awesome, btw.) She is just so sweet and lovely and professional and genuine… and really inspirational. She deserves continued success. I hope to introduce myself to her tomorrow… I hope I’m not being too stalker-ish…

Ok, now I need to get to sleep. I have craft classes starting at 8 am tomorrow! zzzzZZZZZZ

i just can’t quit you, Gwyneth!

Egads! I got Gwyneth Paltrow’s most recent GOOP newsletter today and it basically melted my brain. It was one of her fashion spreads and I can’t help but want everything she wears in it. Every $800 thing. Ugh. Most of all, I am going bonkers over this Isabel Marant jewelry.

…although, when I finally mustered up my courage to go into the Isabel Marant boutique in Soho, all that was waiting for me were fancy sweat pants, weird vests, and mesh tank tops, so I am not going to vouch for the entire brand…

spring fashion fantasy

It has been a busy week (what’s new) and I am feeling under the weather, so I decided to have some fun today compiling some of my ideas and fantasies for my spring wardrobe…

Why is it that even in my fashion fantasies, all my clothing is casual? I guess this would be the REAL fantasy… my Oscar gown by Jason Wu!

what’s in my bag? no, really.

One of my favorite websites (The Hairpin — it is so great, read it) reminded me today of one of the things I’ve always wanted to share on my blog, the “What’s in your handbag?” photo. You may have seen this type of thing before in magazines highlighting celebrity handbag contents, and J.Crew has recently started using the feature to show what their designers carry in their totally cool J. Crew handbags, naturally.

Usually the photos are beautifully styled and filled with only the most fashionable goodies… something like the photo I took above, except with professional lighting and ritzier, advertiser-approved doo-dads. I would love to pass that off as what I really carry around on a daily basis — ha! — but actually I just gathered up all of the fanciest things I own (really, that is all of it) and took that photo to contrast it with my honest-to-god, actual bag contents seen below. Be warned: the following photo may make you barf.

So, what in the world is really in my bag?

  1. Handbag (actually it is J.Crew, so I wasn’t joking when I said they are totally cool) and wallet. The wallet is so stuffed full of change and coupon cards, that I can’t keep it snapped.
  2. My new, beloved Mischa Lampert hat.
  3. Free water bottle that I got in a swag bag at a blogging conference.
  4. Wadded up kleenex and napkins.
  5. A pair of socks… I think because I was going running and might want to switch them?
  6. Gum, metrocard, mounds of keys… pretty self-explanatory.
  7. Packing tape. Left over from a post office trip.
  8. Post office receipt, waxed paper envelope, AmTrack ticket stub, corn maze map, directions to a comedy show in the city, business cards from Etsy sellers and the Soho Apple Store.
  9. So many pens!
  10. Pill container with Excedrin and Advil.
  11. So many Blistex Herbal Answers!
  12. Tampons.
  13. Classier lip gloss from Philosophy and Crude.
  14. PowerBar Gel – this is a food/fuel that I eat when running. I don’t know why I had one in my bag… snack?
  15. Handmade pouch bought at a craft fair in Portland – full of band-aids and wet wipes.
  16. More lip gloss.
  17. Hand lotion – the fancy kind!
  18. Swap-bot business cards, postcards, and pins – in case I meet someone who might be interested in the ‘bot.
  19. A quarter and a nail?
  20. A cloth pouch I use for sunglasses because the hard cases are just too bulky.
  21. My phone.

So, there you have it. Neither interesting nor beautiful. Darn.

What do you have in your bag?

4 splurges that were totally worth it

My father tried to install the value of minimalism in me, so I usually feel guilty when I get caught up in the commercial frenzy that is the holidays. Between my guilt over owning too much unnecessary junk and my fear of feeling of buyer’s remorse — not to mention the need to save money — I try to avoid going overboard in the shopping department. This holiday season was an exception. In addition to finding lots of gifts, I also managed to find a couple of items for myself. Thankfully, many of them exceeded my expectations.

Four holiday splurges that were totally worth it:

  • Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes Mascara – Mascara is something you need to replace fairly regularly, but I always have such a hard time finding (and then remembering) a kind that I like. I decided to give this Givenchy mascara a try because of the strange brush and a recommendation from the sales woman. It was slightly more pricey than other brands, but it turns out that I love the brush! The actual mascara formula is great too, not too thick and it doesn’t smudge. (FYI: I do usually follow with a second coat of another mascara with a normal brush.)
  • Benefit Poisetint – My friend, Lauren, recommended this cheek tint. I’ve used the darker Benetint before, but it can be hard to blend. This lighter pink color is perfect. Subtle and easy to use. I kind of hate blush because it is so hard to make it look natural, but this tint never looks over-done.
  • No6 Store Lace Up Shearling Leather Boot – Have I told you about my boots? My goodness, I love these shoes. I’d seen these boots on some fashionable ladies and knew I loved them, but it took some searching to find them. They are made by Swedish clog maker called, Sven, but this specific boot style is only sold at one store in Soho. I tracked them down just before we went on our holiday trip and I have been wearing them every since. They are lined in shearling, so they are totally warm. Plus, they are treated to withstand the elements. The price of these boots is definitely higher than I normally spend, but I have been more than happy with them and would recommend them to anyone looking for comfortable and cute winter boots.
  • Mischa Lampert hat – This hat was something I had seen and couldn’t stop thinking about, but in the end, it was an impulse buy. I was out shopping and just went a little crazy and bought it at Kisan. It is a super-simple knit hat, but I just love how funky and chunky it is. The wool is hand-dyed, hand-spun, and knit by the artist here in NY. I get compliments on it every time I where it and it is wonderfully warm.

I love when I don’t waste my money!! I also love getting good recommendations from friends. Are there any splurges you recently made that have totally been worth it?

gift guide extravaganza

You know that I can’t help my self… I LOVE putting together gift guides. (Check out my holiday gift guides from 2009 and 2008.) I have a really random selection of gift ideas this year, but I think that they might work for many of the loved ones on your list… well, mostly the ladies, but I tried to make some unisex picks, too. Enjoy!

A few more excellent gift guides for you to peruse:

What items do you have on your gift lists and wish lists?

hair help

I need your help! Because I am pretty much ridiculous, one of my biggest concerns about the day of the marathon is how I am going to do my hair. I need a hair-do that is totally secure, but also (hopefully) somewhat cute. We get official photos during the marathon! I want to look presentable at the very least.

It may be a lost cause, but here are my current options:

  • Ponytail, no headband – easy, but can get messy as I run.
  • Ponytail, thin headband – pretty cute, but the headband isn’t 100% secure.
  • Visor – nearly ruled out because I can’t wear sunglasses with it.
  • Pontytail, thick headband – I recently bought the matching purple headband with high hopes, but I’m not sure I love the look.
  • [Not Pictured] French Braid – Untested and difficult, but potentially very secure and cute.

What do you think? I will most likely be wearing my sunglasses (which sadly make my ears stick out in an unattractive way), so any hair situation must be able to accommodate them. Right now, my mind is set on a french braid, maybe with the thin headband. But that option is dependent on my braiding skills and I will need to get some extensive french braiding practice in before now and the marathon. Plus, I need to test it on a long run… so… it may not be a realistic option. Ugh. Decisions, decisions!

Which is your favorite look? Do you have any other hair-do suggestions?

UPDATE: I tried out the french braid last night. It stayed in throughout my whole run, but it got a little too fluffy and the braid started to come apart and look messy. I think it will be too stressful to try to perfect the french braid before marathon time… boo.