the glitter Martha uses!

If you watched today’s Martha on tv, or if you have the December issue of Living, you have seen the Christmas glitter projects. There are little birds covered in glitter, glitter snowflakes, floral centerpieces coated in glitter, glitter wreaths, glitter candle votives… and on, and on…

Some of you who knew me in high school may remember that I was kind of in love with glitter. It was kind of like my signature style. I made car wash posters, homework assignments, and even huge pep assembly game boards all dripping with glitter. At some point an old boyfriend made fun of all of the glitter and I started using it less and less…

Anyway, the whole point of this boring story is that I am ready to jump back in to glitter usage! I used to use the giant plastic containers of glitter you get at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, but I just found out about Martha’s secret glitter source: It has every color imaginable, plus it has vintage glass glitter… which incidently is the only glitter Martha uses, probably because it is extremely dangerous shards of real glass and not recommended for children. You have to use gloves, and preferably eye protection when working with it! I believe her goal is to make projects so incredibly difficult that she drives the rest of the women in America insane, thus rendering her Queen of the World… but I am off topic…

As soon as this week is over (finals week), I am finally going to start making some winter cards with my Print Gocco. I am also going to be using glitter on them! (Although, probably just the type you can get at Michael’s.) I hope to have them available on the store as soon as they are done, but I know it is a bit late. They will be Happy New Year cards. Great for Christmas thank you notes! My poor store has really been neglected, but I figure it is better to have a sad little store than to flunk out of school… I hope to get back into the swing of things in a week! Check back!

finally, a mail update

I received my November Sampler probably two weeks ago, but I barely had time to even look through it until yesterday. It was a nice large bunch of goodies! I am so impressed by the people who submit to every Sampler. I wanted to send in some of my own stationery samples for the Holiday Sampler, but I didn’t get my act together. I only have 12 samples ready. I will have to try to work on getting in the January one.

My favorites of this Sampler are:

– Mermaid Stationery set from DeMarco Designs. I like the shimmery seafoam envelopes!

– Three Wise Men Soap from Molly Artisnal Soap. Smells delicious, like Thanksgiving!

– Autumn Arrives notecard & envelope set from Egg-A-Go-Go. I think this was made on a Gocco. The best part is that the envelope is printed as well!

– Squirrel card from Young & With It Industries. I love squirrels! I think this was also made on a Gocco… plus they included a cute acorn sticker!

– This isn’t in my favorites photo up top, but I also really like the Pumpkin Cinnamon Mashup perfume oil from Lizzie Sweet. Her website isn’t up yet, but I really love the smell of her perfume!

Also received in the mail about two weeks ago was my order from the Piddleloop Store. I had ordered some cards and 1″ buttons. The buttons are so cute and Wendy & Jenny sent me a bunch of lovely extras. Everything is adorable. I especially like the holiday tag with the monkey holding the Christmas ornament. I already have two pouches made by the Piddleloop gals, so I can also vouch for the quality of those!

That is all of my mail updates for now. I have an order in for a broach from the Sampler shop. I forgot who made it, but it is an apathetic whale! Trust me, it is cute. I can’t wait to get it!

craft swap goodness

These lovely goodies are from my Swap Meet craft swap partner, Angela. I received the package a couple days ago, but this week has been so hectic I didn’t have time to post. Angela sent me a beautiful cloth bag made of gold and turquoise kimono-style fabric, a cute set of hand-printed “doggy bags,” and my favorite, an adorable terrycloth bunny! I love that bunny! She named her Ms. Stumpy because she has such short arms, but I think the little arms just make her even more endearing! I have her propped on top of my bulletin board in my craft room (also our office), so I can see her all the time.

Angela has a website she is still working on, but I think it is already quite nice.

I have received a bunch of stuff in the mail this week, so I will be making more posts shortly… stay tuned!

little odd forest

I missed my post for yesterday, so I will name two things I am grateful for today:

1. A nice computer to do all of my homework & internet surfing on.

2. Other artists who sell cute things on the internet.

That second item leads me to the package I received in the mail today. I ordered this “love mogu” pin and monster pouch from Little Odd Forest. I am so in love with them both! Look at me hugging Stan up to my face! Lynda is the lovely artist who creates all of the Forest goodies. She went to the School of the Art Institute in Chicago and she is from Singapore, so obviously she is brilliant! My pin and pouch are very well made. I would definitely recommend buying anything from Little Odd Forest. I already pinned the love mushroom on my school bag, but I haven’t decided what I am going to do with Stan. I don’t want him to get dirty, so he needs a very special job…

In other news, it is Scott’s (Chelsea’s fiance) birthday today… Happy Birthday, Scott! We did not forget you, but your birthday card was just put in the mail today… I hope it arrives quickly!

my weekend has begun!

This is just a little anouncement that I have finally put up a new item on the store. It is a set of cute little notepads, a warm colors one and a cool colors one. They are only 3 x 4 inches, but they are made of 25 sheets of my best craft papers, and cardstock, and decorative papers. And, the set is really cheap! I only have one completed set ready right now, but I am in the process of making a bunch more. They would be great for making little embelishments for a scrapbook or hand-made card. Anway, I am excited about them! Also, don’t forget about the cute new button set

Ok, enough self-promotion. I really don’t want it to get annoying. I just love my little store and I like showing off all of the designs and crafts I am making. My classes are all done for the week, which is awesome, but I always have the reading hanging over my head. Travis gets home tomorrow afternoon! (you probably didn’t even know he was gone all week… my mom does not like me to say that kind of stuff on the internet…) Plus, Brad (my father-in-law) is coming to visit tomorrow night, so that should be fun. Of course, I really need to clean the place before he gets here… hmmm… maybe should have done that instead of making the mini notepads. Oh well.

my Sampler arrived!

I was very excited to find my very first Sampler in my mail box last night! It was very fun to open and sort through all of my new goodies. The photo on the left is all of the loot. The photo on the right are my favorites.

Here is a list of my faves:
– A cute little Halloween Kitty plush from
– An antique paper ceramic tile magnet from Paper Relics
– An adorable pumpkin Halloween hanger from Sewing Stars
– A tiny “creepy” Halloween spider card from Glamscience
– Origami paper stickers from Milkypop
– And, I feel bad because one of my favorites got left out of the photo. It is a cute wooden star magnet painted with polka dots from One Little Monkey. Trust me, it is lovely!

The ladies who make these wonderful things are like rock stars to me! I want to be just like them! Ok, that may be a bit over the top, but I do plan on trying to send in some of my own store stuff for the December Sampler. I want to do a really good job, though. I was wanting to send 50 items, but I think it might have to just be 25. We’ll see. I feel like if I send in to the Sampler I should have a lot of inventory in my store, just in case the advertising works! As of right now, I need to make a lot more inventory… with all of the school work I have, we’ll see how much I can get accomplished.

knitting 101

About four years ago (maybe more) my friend, Jenn, and I taught ourselves how to knit on a long car ride. Well, we tried to teach ourselves how to knit. My only creation is this ugly, half-done scarf. It is a real mess. I never could bring myself to finish it, and now I think I have forgotten how. (Jenn was a little more productive than I was. I think she completed two scarves.) Anyway, I have signed up for a Knitting 101 class at a local yarn shop. It is only three Monday nights long, but hopefully I will be able to make something a little better than my half-scarf! There is a choice of projects. I think I want to make a felted bag. They say the felting covers up mistakes which I think will be helpful! I know many of you are expert knitters, so I would love any tips. I want to buy some hand-spun yarn like this or this, but I think I will wait until I know what I am doing. I don’t want to waste the good stuff!