my puppy/baby


I missed my little dog, Crusher, so much while we were traveling last week! It is really a little bit crazy how much I love that dog. He is my baby and my companion while I work at home… he is just so loyal, it is impossible not to love him.

Thank goodness my brother, Seth, came to NY to babysit Crusher while we were away. It was so much better to have him here than when we left Crusher at the kennel last time we traveled. Crusher was traumatized by the kennel and came back completely filthy and encrusted in urine. It was awful. This time Seth took wonderful care of him – even taking him to the dog park each day!

We got Crush two souvenirs at Disney World – a Mickey Mouse t-shirt and a stuffed yeti from Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom. Crusher loves the yeti, but he isn’t too fond of clothing. He is totally spoiled.

Crusher’s 2nd birthday!


Crusher turned two on Saturday! His grandma and grandpa sent him a great birthday package filled with chew bones (already scarfed) and a new toy (which he loves), plus a few goodies for his human friends! He had a great birthday, but woke up with a bit of a tummy ache this morning. Poor little two-year-old. Too many treats! Now that he is in his teenage doggy years, he needs to start eating better, i.e. no more human food!

(p.s. Have you joined the EightFiveThree Classic, yet? Crusher and I have already made our bracket picks!)

crusher burrito!


I have another installment of the NYC Cupcake Review in the works, but today I just needed a smile… so here is a cute photo of Crusher wrapped up as a burrito. Enjoy!

(I recently read a cool eBook about how to improve your blogging skills, and writing about how cute your pets are is definitely a no-no… oh, well. My blog may have to remain unimproved.)

thing-a-day 6: Swap-bot Valentines


Already done with my thing-a-day creation for today! I had been planning to make downloadable Swap-bot Valentines this year and I am so happy that I actually made the time to do it. I designed two cute Valentine cards – one with Ernie, the Swap-bot logo/mascot, and one with Crusher – and a little matching envelope. The PDF file is totally free and you simply download it, print it out on card stock, cut out your Valentines, and give them to your friends!


Download the Swap-bot Valentines PDF here.

There are some basic instructions on the PDF, but assembly is really easy. Cut just inside the black lines, then score and fold the envelope on the grey lines. Fold in the shorter sides of the envelope, then the bottom. You can glue these parts together. Slip your Valentine card inside the envelope, fold down the top, seal it, and give it to someone you love!


I hope that some of our Swap-bot users enjoy them. Crusher was so excited about the cards that he already started handing his out!


winter wonderland


We are back from our Christmas trip to Kansas City to visit our families. We had a wonderful time, but it is hard to go back to reality and back to work. I want to go back to the cookies, and shopping, and laughing!

We did so much during our week-long trip, it is already hard to remember everything… We started the week at Chipotle, then went to Round Rock and ate S’mores, went to see Avatar with 3D glasses, then shopping, D’Bronx pizza, a KU basketball game, frozen yogurt, Archivers, Houlihan’s, Mario Kart on the Wii, “getting to know you” on Christmas Eve, presents and stockings on Christmas morning, family time, Target sales, lots of snow and lots of dogs in coats, then a pizza party, First Watch, and finally ended with more Chipotle and a delayed flight.

It snowed a lot while we were in Kansas. I don’t think I have seen so much snow in years! Crusher actually got pretty used to it and liked playing outside… he looked fantastic in his new winter coat!

p.s. I forgot to add that you can find lots more photos in my Christmas in KC 09 Flickr set and on Travis’ Flickr.


cozy cave


Crusher’s Christmas present came early and we couldn’t resist letting him open it. He received a new dog bed called a cozy cave. It is lined in fluffy fleece and he can curl up inside it. He looks so sweet sleeping in it!

my sweet dad…


…sent me these beautiful flowers to cheer me up while I am sick. They worked! I love them. I really enjoy having fresh flowers, but it is a luxury that I don’t often indulge in. So, it is extra-special when they arrive on my doorstep as a surprise! Thank you so much, dad! I love you.

Crusher thought the package was for him, so I had to let him check them out…


(update on the flu: I think I am almost recovered, but I did something kinda dumb today. I went to an online advertising convention for about an hour with Travis… I hope the added excitement doesn’t push back my recovery time. I have a lot of work to catch up on tomorrow!)



I should probably save this post for tomorrow to kick off NaBloPoMo, but here I go anyway…

We didn’t really have any plans for Halloween this year (other than Travis needing to watch the Oregon Ducks football game tonight), so it was a pretty normal Saturday. Travis and I did venture to Manhattan to check out Bergdorf Goodman. I have been too intimidated to go in before now, and for good reason! I did not like it. It was claustrophobic, and difficult to navigate, and of course, everything was WAY too expensive for me. Sad. I had high hopes. I may try again. Once we got home, we had the traditional (soy) sloppy joe Halloween dinner and made Crusher pose for photos in his (now too small) Halloween shirt. Yep. We lead exciting lives.