update: busy

This time I really was not trying to get so busy. Life just always manages to pack itself full. Crusher is taking up a good amount of time, but he is so sweet and cute that it seems totally natural. He has learned how to sit and stay, and he is working on laying down on command. Today he is very tired because we took him on a long walk and he helped work in the backyard. We cleared out a bunch of vines and trimmed some trees. Sunlight actually reaches the ground back there now!

Work is fine, but it is hard going everyday and keeping up with my websites. I am perpetually behind on Swap-bot. I don’t know if I will ever catch up on the support emails…

I am still walking to work a lot, and I am also running in the mornings with my friend, Missy. I want to do a 6 mile race on the 4th of July and maybe, just maybe, run the Portland half marathon in October. Softball season has also started, so we do that every Monday. I am still awful at it, but I try. I have NOT been going to the gym. That is bad because I MUST lose at least 10 pounds stat. I need to start going to the weight-lifting class again… hmmm. I feel that I am really active, but it takes a lot to counter-act sitting at a computer all day at work. Boring.

Life is good. Always something to do. Travis and I are still making our way through the entire Star Trek: The Next Generation series. He is hating it, but sticking with me. We are on season four. Slow but steady. Tonight we are going to a friend’s house for a barbecue and then I need to do two loads of laundry and answer more Swap-bot emails. Fun times!

Crusher’s big day

Today was our first full day to spend with Crusher and we packed it full. In the morning we walked about three blocks to Sweet Life and had some breakfast. Crusher got his own puppy cookie! On the way there he picked up an azalea flower (remember that for later). On the way back he had to be carried because it was a long, hot walk for such a little guy. Next, I gave Crusher his first bath. He did not hate it as much as I thought he would. In the afternoon, he helped me organize the basement. The vacuum made him nervous, but he was brave.

In the early evening Travis and I ran a few errands. We went to the Obama Eugene headquarters and got some gear (including a yard sign) and stopped by my friend Erin’s Meet Your Maker craft show. I picked up some adorable cards from her booth as well as some cute stuff from S. Jane and Twin Ravens Press. So cool that Eugene has its own indie craft show…. other than the Saturday Market.

After all that running around and getting some dinner, we returned home to find poor Crusher in an upset mood. He had a few bathroom accidents and was very upset that we left him for two whole hours! While I was putting on his new collar bling (Crusher supports Obama), he suddenly BARFED all over my white jeans! Ugh. All I could do was laugh, but the poor little guy did not think it was funny. It turns out that azalea plants are slightly poisonous to dogs and ingesting them causes stomach irritation. There was a full petal in the barf, so I am sure that is what caused it. I feel horrible for letting him eat it! Not that I LET him… I did not think he had swallowed any of it, but maybe he is too young to be going on walks right now. We will take it easy on him for a while. He is totally worn out from this high pressure Saturday!