christmas wrap-up

Because of the ice and snow I didn’t go in to work today. I spent the day working on my grad school stuff and taking down our Christmas decorations. We really didn’t have many out this year and I can’t believe the season is already over. I have been so busy I haven’t had time to really get into the holidays….


A photo of our tinsel tree in the process of dismatling, and my new handbag hanging by our Christmas cards. My parents got me the beautiful bag from Coach. I love it. I got too many wonderful gifts this year…. A sweater and cosmetics from Brad & June, a watch from Travis, Reno 911 from Adam, Aladdin from Aaron, a cute bowl from Seth, and a hand-made cross stich from Chelsea… just to name a few. I had a wonderful holiday.

I mentioned that I have been awfully busy…. well, one thing making matters worse is World of Warcraft. Aaron introduced us to this online game. It is fun and addicting. I am a level 17 Human Mage named Imogene (with a pet mechanical squirrel named Zips). We are going to create a guild soon. I think it should be named The Brotherhood of the Squirrel. Check out my character and Adam and me playing the game.


In lew of a Christmas letter, Travis and I made a holiday website again this year. It is a bit late, but check it out here. Happy New Year!

when good brothers go bad

you know who you are. the brother who i trusted with sensitive information and who turned around and betrayed me. i am disappointed that you would sacrafice me to get what you want. your presents have already been returned! wait, nevermind, you are getting something special… a looney toons tie and a dinosaur documentary. you think i am joking, but just wait til christmas!

for the rest of you, sorry i helped ruin christmas. to cheer yourself up, play crypt raider. it is fun.

oh, and one more thing for my bad brother: i played your game. yep, world of warcraft. i am a level 3 gnome mage! so there!

cute baby overload


Travis and I had Thanksgiving with his family yesterday. It was a fun and relaxing day, plus we got to see the babies Liam and Gabriel. They are both Travis’ second cousins, so that makes them my 2nd cousins once removed, or maybe my 2nd cousins-in-law… I am not sure, but either way, they are so cute!

I am holding Gabriel Bai Fu Li. He is Jen and Elias’ 17-day-old son. He was not due until next week! He is less than 6 lbs! He is so sweet (and so is Jen for letting us all hold him).

mom’s 50th birthday!


My mom’s 50th birthday is on Tuesday, but yesterday we threw her a little surprise party. Adam, Aaron and Seth all came home from school for it, and Travis’ parents, and our friends Sarah Hansel and Brandon Heavey came. I think she was surprised.

We just had snacks and an ice cream sundae bar and Mom opened her presents, but I had a fun time. It is exciting that it is her 50th birthday. I wanted to do something special. Dad got mom a new iMac for her birthday. It is gorgeous!

Happy Birthday Mom! I love you!

entertain me!

Please someone write something on this blog! Seth did a good job with his last post, but the rest of you are lagging (i know, myself included). I need something to entertain me! My life has been very busy lately, so I haven’t been doing good posts, but I have had lots of good ideas! I want to know what everyone thinks of the favorite links…. ok, i am going to sleep because i have to wake up tomorrow and go to work. the story of my life. when i check back tomorrow there had better be something good here!

Site Improvements

As you might have noticed, Travis and I worked on a couple of small improvements to the main Lamble Family page today. Some new features are:

– top paragraph explaining the site.
– pretty blue dividing lines.
– favorite links list.
– beatrix!

Tell us what you think. Also, if you want to add a link to our favorite links list, just let us know. You may notice that loyal fans with their own websites can make it onto the list!
We still need to make improvements to the individual pages, but I work at the Barn in about an hour, so it probably won’t get done today.