fifteen year flashback


I never imagined myself becoming a Disney theme park fan, but somehow they have become a consistent tradition…

The first time I ever went to a Disney park was in 1999. Travis’ parents gifted us a trip to Los Angeles for our spring break during our senior year of high school. We stayed with his aunt and uncle and had a great time sight seeing in the city, including one day at Disneyland. We took analog (film!) photos of ourselves goofing off all around the park. For unknown reasons, the photo of me with a Native American statue on Main Street USA become iconic — probably because it was one of the only photos I scanned into digital format — and we’ve been recreating it ever since!

Our trip to LA last week marked 15 years since our original visit, so of course, we couldn’t resist going to Disneyland! And of course, we couldn’t resist recreating the photo! Who knows how long we’ll keep this going…

1999 DL | 2009 DL | 2010 DW | 2012 DL | 2013 DW | 2014 DL

currently // january 2013

We are only four days into 2013 and I already feel like it is going by too fast. What is occupying my time and thoughts as this new year starts? This stuff…

obsessing over… my new iphone app, Lumiè. It allows you to add bokeh light effects to your photos and share them via social media.

watching… Homeland! Just finished the first season. It is a lot more about mental illness and EMOTIONS than I was expecting, but it is interesting.

eating… South Brooklyn Pizza. With onions, mushrooms, and pepperoni.

exercising with… the Brazil Butt Lift workout videos. My friend Brian got me the videos (at my request) for Christmas. They are basically aerobics workouts with a lot of lunges.

getting pumped for… the Goofy Challenge in one week!!! And the Bermuda Challenge the week after that!! Wish me luck!


What are you doing right now? What do you have planned for 2013?

hurricane sandy

Travis and I are feeling very fortunate. We made it through Hurricane Sandy in Brooklyn without any trouble — we had power, cable, internet, food, water, etc throughout the storm — but the rest of New York City and the region was hit hard. The subway system is still down. Power is out in many sections of the city. Fire, wind, and water destroyed many homes and businesses.

This is the view from our window in Park Slope right before the storm hit on Monday evening. Just a little cloudy and a bit of rain.

The view from our window late on Monday night during the storm. Pork Slope stayed open until midnight!

This incredible photo is from The New York Times building during the storm on Monday night. You can see the power outage in lower Manhattan on the right side of the photo.

Leaves and debris are everywhere in our neighborhood, but overall, Park Slope is ok. Life seems to be getting back to semi-normal this morning in our neighborhood…

Travis’ Appnexus offices are still without power, so he is working from home with me. We are working to keep our businesses running as normally as possible, but we are also thinking about ways to help those in need… here are a few links to ways we can all help:

It is going to take a long time for the city to recover, but so far, the NYC Marathon is scheduled to go on as planned on Sunday. It is strange, but with all of the worries over the hurricane, I almost forgot about the marathon. If it happens, I will run. I am not in a celebratory mood, but the marathon is a small way to show and celebrate how strong and resilient NYC is. I guess we’ll see what happens…

january mugshot

My thoughts this morning…

  • A check in with my Mugshot Thursday photo tradition seemed appropriate at the beginning of this new year. I’ve taken 109 photos of myself with PhotoBooth over the past two and a half years. Some of them are not very pretty (I am getting older, people!) but I like the record. They are honest snapshots of what I look like at “work” each day in my crazy, cluttered home office. It’s not at all glamorous, but I love working for myself.
  • The cute hat is from my friend, Jessica Benjamin. It is from Lululemon! I love it! Jessica and I ran the Marine Corps Marathon together, which is an experience I will never forget. Running has been my social outlet in NYC… and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • The 26.2 mug is actually Travis’. His parents got it for him for Christmas since he completed his first full marathon in 2011. Travis has definitely caught the running bug. He is more obsessed than I am. And that is saying something! I am thinking about running three full marathons within the next year… I am not sure if that is smart… we’ll see how it plays out…

Ok, now back to work!!


You already saw Travis’ photo with Santa when he was just a cute little babe… so I felt compelled to show mine. While we were home for the holidays I took the opportunity to scan a few old photos. Above is my Santa shot from 1981. Below are 1982, 83, and 84.

Our expressions are pretty great. Somewhere between “how do I look? and “what the heck is happening?” Also, I think I am wearing a sweat suit in 83.

For reference, here is a photo of me and my brother, Seth, this Christmas. There’s no Santa, but we look about the same. 🙂


All of the photos seen here were created and shared using Instagram. I am getting into the iPhone app and its community more and more. It is fun way to share cool photos, and you can easily send them to other networks, like Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr.

My name on instagram is rljart. Follow me! Or, you can check out my photo feed here, on Inkstagram.

weekly photo booth tradtition

On Thursdays, I take a photo of myself with my morning beverage of choice and upload it to the Mugshot Thursdays Flickr group. Above are my photos from today. Crusher did not want to cooperate. (Also, please don’t report me to the authorities as a hoarder because of all the junk in the background. I swear the rest of the apartment isn’t that bad!)

I realized today that I have been doing Mugshot Thursdays for over two years! My first one was in June of 2009. It is a little kooky, but Mugshot Thursday was just something that my internet friend, Jennifer, and I started doing on a whim. Then we invited others to join us. It is still a small group, but YOU are welcome to join us – just add yourself to the group and then upload a photo each week with your mug. Or cup. Or water bottle. Or, really, anything. There are no rules, just weird, silly fun.

Two years ago, when I first got Photo Booth on my Mac, I had grand plans of taking a photo of myself every day. Just for fun. Well, and also so that I could make one of those time lapse videos that would show me aging over time. Anyway, every day is too much… but once a week is perfect! Mugshot Thursdays forever!

my nothing-to-report, post-hurricane report

Look at that amazing sky! I guess that is our reward after weathering a hurricane tropical storm. I took this photo looking south from our roof this evening after all of the rain was done. For most of the day, the sky looked like it does below:

Travis and I went to sleep around 11 pm last night thinking that we would be awoken by heavy wind and rain. We did have a rough night, but it wasn’t because of the storm. We had removed our air conditioners and shut all of our windows to be safe and our apartment got extremely hot and humid. I was sweating all night and seriously contemplating going outside to brave the storm just to get cool.

I woke up around 8 am to the sound of our roof door banging. I made Travis go up and latch it and he got soaked. We were sure that the storm was just starting to get bad, so we turned on the news (Andreson Cooper on CNN, of course — he is the news) and settled on the couch for what we thought would be a day of storm watching. I was at home during the Brooklyn tornado last year and that was frightening — fierce wind and sideways rain. We never got that much excitement with Irene. There was some flooding and downed trees across the city, but overall the storm was less severe than everyone had thought. It was just about over by 11 am. I went on the roof and took the photo above of the downtown Brooklyn skyline covered in fog.

By the afternoon, it was still a little windy and sprinkling on and off, but I guess everyone in Park Slope was stir crazy. Travis and I joined them in the pursuit of open restaurants and coffee places. We ended up at Five Guys and got some food. Crusher was happy to not have to live off of non-perishable rations all day.

Overall, the hurricane was disappointing, but that is definitely a good thing. I know that other areas were not as lucky. For the most part, it will be back to life as normal in NYC tomorrow.

my in-depth, pre-hurricane report

Have you heard? Hurricane Irene is coming to New York City!

The storm is supposed to get here over-night tonight, and right now they are saying it will be a Category 1 hurricane. I am not too worried, but I got a little more concerned when Mayor Bloomberg announced the MTA (public transportation) shutdown and the mandatory evacuation of the low-lying areas. Those two things have never happened in this city before! The city is taking Irene seriously!

Believe it or not, Travis and I headed out with Team In Training for our group run this morning. I am glad we did. The rain hadn’t started and I am glad I got a workout in before the storm starts in earnest. I also took it as an opportunity to take some pre-hurricane photos. We ran from prospect Park, over the Brooklyn Bridge, through lower Manhattan, and then up the West Side Highway. The sky was ominous, with fog covering the tops of the tall buildings, and it was very humid, but there really wasn’t any wind.

Above is a shot looking south-ish from the Brooklyn Bridge to Governor’s Island. (There was supposed to be a huge, 3-day Dave Matthew’s Band concert on Governor’s Island this weekend, but it was cancelled.) The sky looks stormy, but the East River and ocean seemed quite calm.

This is the the Hudson River. We ran along the West Side Highway once we got to Manhattan. I had anticipated rocky water and waves, but the water was completely calm. There were lots of exercisers out on the path, but less cars than usual on the road.

I really didn’t notice much hurricane prep. A few shops were taped or boarded up like the one above, but the vast majority were not. We saw some families packing up cars to leave the city, but no one seemed panicked. All of the restaurants and bodegas were still open. I stopped at Walgreens to get extra water (for the run) and there was a long line. People were getting snacks and drinks and toys for their kids.

Once we got back to Brooklyn, it started to rain. (Actual hurricane water touched my skin! omg!) The rain didn’t seem to deter Brooklynites, though. Our blocks were crowded with people shopping, getting coffee, and generally just hanging out. I don’t think many will be leaving the city. We walked past this official evacuation center on our way home. (It is the high school on 7th Avenue and 4th Street, by the way.) The police were just hanging outside the entrance, as calm as could be. I think they were amused when I asked if I could take a photo of the sign.

Travis and I are taking the storm seriously, but not buying into all the frenzy and hype. We have plenty of food and water, and we moved things away from the windows. We may lose electricity, but I really think that is the worst that will happen. I think the city is over-reacting about how much damage the hurricane will do, but I understand that they have to play it safe. As Travis keeps repeating from Mayor Bloomberg’s press conference: “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.”

We will be safe. I’ll report back after (and maybe during) the hurricane.

thoughts of vacation

Summer is nearing its end and it has me thinking about how I could fit in a beach vacation before it is all over… I can’t, of course, but all of the daydreaming about beaches made me revisit photos from our honeymoon.

Travis and I were extremely fortunate to receive a trip to Hawaii from his parents for our honeymoon in 2003. We were 22 and I had never flown over an ocean before. It was an excellent trip, but the excitement and stress surrounding the whole wedding event and the desire to really get started on our life together made it hard for me to truly relax. But, we managed to sit on the beach (and read Harry Potter 5), drink smoothies, eat pineapple, go to town for ice cream, and basically have a lovely vacation.

I scanned the photo above from my scrapbook. (We didn’t have a digital camera or even cell phones in 2003!!) It is one of just a few of me in a bathing suit, because (of course) I hated my body and thought I looked fat in my bikini. I think my brain may be broken. I wish I could go back in time and take approximately 1 million photos of myself in that bikini!! The really sad part: I am sure I will be thinking that same thing about my 30-year-old self in eight more years…

Back to the vacation theme… to the best of my knowledge, I think that our honeymoon is the only vacation trip that Travis and I have taken on our own. The rest of our “vacations” have been spent visiting family (which we truly love to do and really enjoy) or moving across the country. I really can’t complain because we did take a super-fun trip to Disney World with Travis’ family last summer, but I would still love to have some vacation time alone with my husband someday. Paris or Italy would do nicely…