what can I say, I am spoiled…

I have the day off work again today, but don’t get too jealous, I have a ton to do! And I had no problem sleeping-in today – woke up at 10 am! It felt nice, but now I am behind on my to-do list. Here is what I must accomplish today:

4 mile walk & exercises only did 3 miles & some stretch.
get lunch Dad took me to Lulu’s Noodles! Yum!
shower done. actually showered before lunch.
paint toenails done. putting my second coat on right now!
wrap gift done. and very cute indeed!
– make all of my mix cds
– go to the post office and mail the cds (probably not going to happen)
wash the dishes thanks Travis. you are the best!
make my surprise for the family reunion (but i need my sticky machine for that and it is at someone else’s house) got the sticky machine & working on them now.
call UO about housing payment and questions I called. They said a moving van would be ok, but the girl didn’t know how to let me pay our rent… she is checking into it.

That might be it. if you remember anything else, let me know.

I have the day off work today…

Any normal work day I can sleep in like a crazy banshee. I sleep till the very latest second and then end up running late to work every day. Today I have no work, and guess what… I could NOT sleep in!!! I woke up at 6:30 when Travis did, but I forced myself to try to sleep as long as possible. I made it to 8:20. Pitiful.

I am going to spend my ‘free day’ exercising, shopping and working on projects. I am going out for a nice long walk in about 15 minutes, then I will shower and maybe do my toenails, then I am going shopping for a wedding shower gift for my cousin, and a small anniversary gift for my grandparents, and maybe a new outfit for myself, then I need to work on my mix cds (I am doing mix cd swap 2 and I am in trouble!), and I need to work on my surprise for the family reunion this weekend. I will stay busy all day.

As a side note: I have been soooooo angry lately! That is the main reason I have not been posting… I don’t want to always be complaining. I think I am mad about being on a diet and it never working. I am incredibly bad at diets – even really lax ones. I also think I have subliminal stress about the impending move. I am not sure, all I know is that Travis has been living in his own personal hell the last few days. Hopefully my crankiness will pass soon…

studio/porch/storage room

Since this is all going to be packed up in two months, Travis & I have been taking photos of our apartment to preserve it forever in our memory. (The photo of the bathroom with the mold and the rusty sink will really bring back fond memories!) My studio is my favorite room even thought I hardly used it. In the winter it was too hard to heat, so we closed it off completely. When it rains, the corner leaks. Now that it is summer, it is sweltering out there. The painting on my easel hasn’t been touched for a year, but the trusty iMac has been doing its job. I store all of my art supplies and scrapbooking stuff out there and tonight I used the floor as my work surface. I know I should be working on my school stuff or on Save-the-Dates (we’ll work on them next week, Chels), but when inspiration strikes you have to go with it. I spent the evening putting scraps and extra photos in our wedding guest book. It was not even half full of guests’ messages, so I am cramming it full of little cards and polaroids and confetti and anything else I have left over from the wedding. I didn’t finish it tonight, but I got it all grouped together. It will probably spend eternity in this state and my children will have to piece it together for me… or throw it out… but it feels good to get a little something accomplished!

Someday in my life I would like to have a studio that is really worth the name. I would love to have big work surfaces, and my paint supplies at the ready, and the free time to actually do whatever creative things I want for days at a time… My ultimate dream/goal is to be able to make things for a living. I would like to get an antique letterpress and a better digital set-up and make invitations and whatnot. Travis says if he is rich someday I can have all of that and more!

(a little f.y.i. – the t-shirt I am wearing is from 1993!)

memories of almost 2 years ago…

Yes, the wedding was just about two years ago and I am just now getting around to documenting it. I should have bought the shadow box while I was still working at Pottery Barn…

I have been feeling nostalgic for my own wedding now that I am helping Chelsea with hers. I was up late one night last week irrationally working myself up over not having saved any of the little packets of confetti we made for the wedding. I think doing this shadow box should cure me of all those feelings… I hope.

I filled the box with an invitation, a program, Travis’ boutonniere, some of the beaded leaves from my bouquet, 2 of our photo proofs, 1 polaroid photo, my wedding earrings, the bow that i took off my dress, a mini polaroid of Travis & me opening presents, a flower from a Pottery Barn package, and then I punched a bunch of new confetti and stuck it all over. I don’t want to forget the confetti!

I am really happy with the results of the shadow box. I still want to finish the guest book from the wedding. I am filling it out with some other scraps and photos. I also had plans for a small ‘wedding prep’ scrap book. I am so bad at finishing scrap books. I always have plans and group all of the stuff in a pile with the book, but I never get them done. At least I finished our honeymoon one…

my 4 cds from the swap

I have only received four out of my five cds from the swap, but I wanted to post about them before the excitement has worn off… if the fifth one comes, I guess it will get its own review. I have loved participating in this mix cd swap. It was so much fun making the cds, and I love hearing all of the different music everyone likes. Once swap-bot becomes active, I am going to host all sorts of swaps!

Here is a description of the four cds pictured above:

1 – ‘a mix cd from erin’ – by: Erin
favorite song: Sweet Lady Genevieve – The Kinks

2 – ‘Hey Lucy’s Groovy Music’ – by: Marne (aka Hey Lucy)
favorite song: Mr. Blue Sky – Electric Light Orchestra

3 – ‘bling’ – by: Jen
favorite song: Let’s Hear It for Love – Smoking Popes

4 – ‘horse & TACK’ – by: Karin
favorite song: Psalm for the Elks Lodge Last Call – The Weakerthans

It was hard to pick favorites songs because the mixes were all so good! This will sound silly, but doing this swap just reinforced my awareness of how many good, fun, kind and intelligent people there are out there. Humans are cool… and so is the internet!

here comes the spring – a mix cd

On the last possible day, I finished my mix cds and sent them out to my partners in the swap. I am happy with them. I designed the covers with some papers, a hole punch (perhaps practicing for Chelsea’s invitations), and a few rhinestones. I didn’t have cool cds like craftylittlecow, so I had to use some plain yellow ones. I hope my swap partners like them! Below is the playlist and a few notes on the songs. This is not my definitive mix cd, just a mix of my recent favorites…

‘here comes the spring’ a mix cd by rachel
1. Catch My Disease – Ben Lee (i just got his cd, ‘Awake is the New Sleep,’ so i am a little obsessed… this is a fun starter!)
2. First Day of My Life – Bright Eyes (a love song.)
3. Oh What a World – Rufus Wainwright (i first heard this in an Anthropologie, which is pretty lame, but i thought it was trippy.)
4. Nothing Better – The Postal Service (i would have included ‘The District Sleeps Alone,’ but i thought it might be too over-played. this is my second favorite song on ‘Give Up’.)
5. N Dey Say – Nelly (i love hip hop, especially Nelly. i wanted to include more on this cd, but this is the only song that fit in.)
6. Gonna Be Some Changes Made – Bruce Hornsby (a good song, even if it is the Home Depot theme, now.)
7. Laid – James (an old song, i know, but i have been listening to it a bunch lately.)
8. Always – Blink182 (in tribute to the break up of one of my old favorite bands.)
9. Beverly Hills – Weezer (Weezer was my all-time favorite band in high school.)
10. Float On – Modest Mouse (this song makes my day better even if i am sad.)
11. Righteously – Lucinda Williams (just thought the cd needed a girly song.)
12. New Slang – The Shins (hmmmm, not sure why i chose this one…)
13. Maps – Yeah Yeah Yeahs (this cool song just fit in.)
14. Whatever It Is – Ben Lee (like i said, obsessed. this is a nice, quiet finisher, though.)

Bonus Fun Songs:
15. Free Love Freeway – David Brent from The Office (i loved The Office and this is actually a good, fun song.)
16. Warp Factor Love – found this on the internet – hilarious! (my brother actually found this on the internet, but i will take credit.)

If anyone else would like a copy, just email me and I will send you one. You might not get a spiffy cover, though.

cutsey overload

Ok, it took me a long time to make my new banner, so it is staying up for a while… even if it is too cutsey. I will try to design something cooler and slicker next time. I hope you all like the re-design so far. I need to tweak it and make some more graphics, but I am not sure I will be sticking with this one, so we’ll see what happens….

illustration station

I had most of the weekend free (when I wasn’t busy winning foot races) so I got into an artsy mood. On Saturday I went and picked up my colored pencils at Mom & Dad’s. Today I went through old boxes and found some old sketchbooks. I found two old pencil drawings that I did in 2000! Five years ago… crazy! I had fun with the colored pencils tonight drawing the anemone on the right.

I keep putting off doing any artwork because I don’t want to waste my supplies on bad ideas or half-done things… but I have decided that I am just going to stop worrying about that because all of my cool supplies are going to waste. I am just going to have fun and not worry about whether or not any of it is ‘good’. It is just a hobby, afterall. Today I also sketched a bit on one of my canvases and organized all of my ‘art inspiration’ junk I had sitting around.

A bonus photo: my menagerie out on the porch. All my babies love the sun!


I worked on a cool banner and overall design for Chelsea’s blog tonight. Go check it out! I was going for a punk look. I wanted to add more stuff to the banner and the background is a bit too bright, but I am getting sleepy…. I hope Chelsea likes it for now, and we can always change it later. Anyway, that is my night. Travis has just been studying.