third trimester pregnancy favorites


Well, guys, this pregnancy adventure is getting very close to completion! The third trimester has definitely been the most uncomfortable for me, but I also feel really happy and excited about what comes next, so I can’t complain… too much. These are a few of the things that have helped make the last three months more enjoyable.

Third Trimester Pregnancy Favorites:

  1. Exercise/birth ball – Our Prepared Childbirth class instructor told us that sitting on a birth ball was one of the best ways to prepare for labor. I have been sitting on mine at my desk while doing computer work. It definitely helps me sit up straight and loosens up my hips. I am not sure it is is doing anything beneficial for my perineum, but I guess we’ll find out when this baby decides to make his debut!
  2. fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish – I have itchy skin!! Especially on my legs these days. It is weird. I had a sugar scrub during a pedicure that felt so good that I begged Travis to get me this body polish and scrub my lower legs for me. I can’t really reach my lower legs any longer to do it myself. Good thing my husband is so sweet!
  3. Slip-on Vans – I can no longer really bend over to tie my shoes. Or put on socks, for that matter. Travis helps me when I must wear tied shoes, but otherwise, I am wearing these Vans or other slip-on shoes.
  4. Josie Maran Argan Infinity Cream – I ran out of my fancy face lotion and had some of this oil/cream on hand that I have been using instead… and I love it! I like that the ingredients are all natural, so I feel ok using it while pregnant. Plus, it absorbs quickly and makes my skin really soft. And you can basically use it anywhere on your body, which is great since I am trying to simplify my entire hygiene and beauty routine.
  5. Comfy UGG Slippers – I’ve been spending a lot of time at home these days, and it is just fun to have a nice pair of slippers to wear around during the day. Travis got me these new UGGs for Christmas! …I sometimes think I should make an effort to change out of sweats and slippers, but why?
  6. Milk – I am still craving a lot of dairy and I am drinking a good amount of milk. I am still drinking whole milk, and trying to get the Omega 3 stuff when I can. BabyJ’s bones are ossifying during this trimester, so I definitely don’t want to skimp on any calcium. Plus, it helps with my heart burn.
  7. Dried Fruit – (Not pictured) I have been snacking on dried prunes and apricots daily, along with a few nuts, to make sure to get some extra fiber in my diet. I have stayed regular throughout this entire pregnancy, which I classify as a major accomplishment!

Are you in your third trimester of pregnancy? Or recently survived it?? What were your favorite things that helped you stay comfy and happy?


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Things I did NOT use during pregnancy:

Since I’ve talked about all the things that I’ve found really helpful during my pregnancy experience, I thought I should share my warnings about pregnancy-related things that many women recommend, but that I did not find useful.

  • Bellaband – This was one of the very first things I bought when I found out I was pregnant because it is recommended on nearly every blog and pregnancy website. It is basically a band of fabric that you can wear over your belly and pants to avoid showing skin or an unbuttoned waistband. In theory it sounds helpful, but I just never wanted to wear an extra item. I just relied on long tank tops and NEVER used the Bellaband once. But… maybe I’ll want to use is post-pregnancy to cover up my wobbly belly… we’ll see.
  • Giant Full-body Pregnancy Sleep Pillow – I will admit that sleeping during the third trimester is not fun, but I never broke down and bought one of the huge full-body pillows. I am sure they are comfy, but I just could not imagine fitting one in my Queen size bed with my 6’6” husband and space-demanding dog. I also didn’t want to worry about storing it or getting rid of it later. So, take it from me that you CAN live without one if necessary.
  • Tracy Anderson The Pregnancy Project – I am a sucker for workout programs and this set of 9 DVDs (one for each month of pregnancy) seemed like a great way to stay motivated and active. I bought it before I was even pregnant! To be clear, I DID do each of the DVDs… at least once. AND if you did these workouts every day (like Tracy suggests) I have NO DOUBT that you would have the best pregnant butt ever. BUT the workouts are boring. And they are basically all the same: 30-60 minutes of strangely contorted leg lifts. I was more likely to choose taking my dog for a walk or going to prenatal yoga over popping in a DVD, so I can’t really recommend The Pregnancy Project.

Any other items that you did not find helpful during pregnancy? Or, that are overhyped and not necessary?

navy for fall

Spring is usually my fashion comfort zone, mostly because of my love for pastels… but I am really digging this fall’s navy fashions. Instead of the NYC all-black-everything style, I think I’m going to do head-to-toe navy this season.

TOPS: Soulland Gee Raglan Stonewash Sweatshirt | Madewell silk hydrangea top | Rebecca Taylor stainglass tank

EARRINGS: silver dipped triangle studs

DRESS: Joie Halsette dress

PANTS: R13 slouch skinny jean | J. Crew matte crepe drawstring pants

BAGS: 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli bag | Clare Vivier messenger

SHOES: Rachel Comey Penpal Boots

NAILS: Yves Saint Laurent Bleu Majorelle | Essie After School Boy Blazer | Chanel Bel-Argus

What will your signature fall color be?

summer run streak

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you are already aware that I am participating in the Runner’s World Summer Run Streak 2013. My coach, Lisa, told me about the streak right after I completed the Trail/Road Challenge in the Berkshires. The rules of the streak were to run at least one mile every day from Memorial Day to July 4th. Thirty-nine days of consecutive running.

I have made it successfully to day 37. I’ve run in upstate NY, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Kansas, Oregon, in parks, on streets, bridges, and trails. I’ve done plenty of one-mile runs, but also a few longer excursions. I did nine miles with my dad, a quick jog with my brother Seth & Flike (the dog), the Color Run with my family, a long run to Doughnut Plant with Travis, the Pride Run with my cousin, and a few group training sessions with my Brooklyn team. It’s been a good running summer!

I’ve been recording my run streak by posting a photo each day to Instagram and Twitter. (You can use the hashtag #rwrunstreak to find streak-related posts.) I know that my friends and followers are probably slightly annoyed with all my running tweets and photos… I can see how it could look like bragging. But that is not at all my intention! The social media documentation has been a strong motivator. Knowing that I “need” to make a post each day has gotten me out the door when I didn’t want to. Encouraging comments on my posts make my day. And I love my collection of Run Streak photos!

I’ve really been enjoying this type of lower mileage daily fitness… so, I’m going to keep it going!! My friend Alison and I have challenged ourselves to continue the streak through the end of summer. We are calling the second leg of the summer streak: The Summer Heat Streak, July 4th – Labor Day. It will be 61 more days of consecutive running. And still, the only rule is that we must run at least one mile a day. You can join us! I am going to be tagging my related social media posts with #summerrunstreak.

One last thought… running hard every day and not taking breaks can be dangerous. I do NOT run hard every day. During this streak I’ve taken many “rest days” where I do my one mile run at a very easy pace and let my body recover. I actually feel like this lower mileage streak has been healthier for me than the sporadic, super-high mileage I was attempting earlier this year. Always listen to your own body and do what is best for YOU… no matter what your friends are posting on Twitter and Instagram. xoxo

currently :: october 2012

getting pumped for… The Nike Women’s Half Marathon on Sunday! Travis and I are traveling to San Francisco on Friday with Team in Training where we will meet up with Chelsea. Chelsea is running her first full marathon. Travis is cheering. And I am planning to just enjoy the half marathon course and receive my Tiffany necklace at the finish line! Yes!

eating… wood fired brick oven pizza from Toby’s Public House. (I actually just visited this South Slope restaurant for the first time last night, but it was delicious and casual and cool. Must go back soon.)

watching… an obscene amount of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I am working my way through the series and am already on Season 3. I sort of hate it. Too many Cardassians and Ferengi. But I press on.

wishing for… new fall shoes! So many great styles, so few affordable prices!

still processing… The Grey. So much less wolf punching and so much more traumatic death and sadness than I was expecting.

thinking about… the next steps… in running, Swap-bot, life…


What are you up to as fall descends?

tangerine tango

So, Pantone (the authority on color standards) announced that the color of 2012 is tangerine tango. Tangerine tango is a reddish orange and it is basically my least favorite color. BUT, in an effort to be more adventurous and open-minded, I thought I’d entertain the possibility of maybe growing to like the vibrant hue.

I searched around for a few acceptable uses of tangerine tango in fashion:

Kate Spade wedges | Tory Burch clutch | J. Crew necklace

I don’t know… I’m still not sure I can pull off a deep, bright orange… even in accessories. How about you?

Will you incorporate tangerine tango into your wardrobe?

Park City, Utah

I’ve already written a lot about my trip to Alt Summit last week (you can read even more about it here), but I still had to share this photo of me and author, Margaret Atwood, that was taken in Park City on Saturday.

By the end of the day on Friday I was exhausted. After being totally “on” for two and half days of conference going, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to follow through with my plans to head up to Park City on early Saturday morning… but man, am I glad I did! The road trip up the mountain to the home of the Sundance Film Festival was one of my favorite parts of the whole trip.

I stumbled on Margaret Atwood signing books at Dolly’s Bookstore on Park City’s main street. I was sort of blown away. The Handmaid’s Tale is one of my very favorite books — a futuristic story with a strong, central, female character long before the days of The Hunger Games — and I plan to read ALL of her fiction. So, I purchased The Blind Assassin and got in line to have it signed. Atwood was lovely and kind and didn’t even seem too annoyed when I asked for a photo. I am impressed by her seemingly grueling speaking and promotional schedule. She was in Park City because her non-fiction book, Payback, had been adapted into a film being premiered at Sundance.

Sundance proved to be an art adventure in more ways than one. I did indeed see a film (which I hope to write about in its own devoted post) and I also ran into this Banksy mural on the side of an ice cream shop…

Very cool. I was told that Bansky made the art while he was in Park City for Sundance when his film Exit Through the Gift Shop premiered in 2010. The store owner put the protective glass and metal bars around the piece after poachers tried to steal it. I think Banksy is trying to say something about how documentary filmakers make an adverse impact even when they are trying to be helpful… what do you think?

Oh, and did I mention that the whole time we were wandering up and down Park City’s main street, it was pouring snow? It was basically a blizzard and apparently the highways had to be closed later in the evening! I was stomping through mounds of snow and trying not to fall on my face in front of movie stars and paparazzi. (BTW: the only stars, besides Atwood, that I saw were Will.I.Am and Robin Weigert, from Deadwood.) Thankfully, I was wearing two items that made the snowy trek totally possible: my No.6 store clog boots and my Brooklyn Industries puffy coat. Both performed wonderfully! I recommend them.

Also, I posed with a moose:

running is my life coach

Running is difficult. SO difficult. I am training for a marathon, but no, I will NOT qualify for Boston. Not even close. People like to ask that…

I know that I sound like I am just being self-deprecating or silly when I say this, but I am terrible at running. Truly. I am slow. It is painful. I am often feeling discouraged.

BUT… I am not terrible at facing a challenge. I will always be grateful to running for showing me that — allowing me to know that I am strong, without a doubt.

I ran my longest run of the training season yesterday. 18 miles. It is the longest run I will complete before the Marine Corps Marathon on October 30th. It was 3.5 hours of moving my legs across pavement. It was difficult, and tiring, and painful… and exhilarating, and encouraging, and a little fun.

Endurance running isn’t complicated. Just get some good shoes, eat enough fuel, and drink enough water. The rest is just staying mentally strong and enduring pain. I don’t like the pain, but I like the challenge. I like knowing that I can be fatigued and in pain and keep going. (I should add, even though it isn’t complicated, endurance running shouldn’t be jumped into… I have been working my way up to these long distances for over a year.)

Here I am yesterday at an earlier stage of the run, feeling quite enthusiastic:

Travis and I are training for our marathon with Team In Training. It is a wonderful organization and we are all raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. If you’d liek to donate, check out our fundraising page.

fall fashion treatise

I work from home. I have been doing it full time for over two years. I know that many home workers recommend setting a strict schedule, waking up early, showering, and getting dressed and prepared the same as you would for an office job. I choose to do the opposite.

One of the luxuries of working for yourself is setting your own schedule, so I do. I wake up a little after Travis, do some house chores, then get right to the computer and start working. I don’t get dressed up in business clothes in order to sit at my computer all day alone. I am usually wearing workout clothes or jeans. Due to this very lenient dress code and my year-long marathon training adventure, the majority of my recent clothing budget has been spent at Lululemon.

I am fine with my casual wardrobe. It means I don’t have to do a lot of ironing or spend a bunch on dry cleaning. But this fall things may need to change a bit. I have a number of professional events coming up that will require some nicer outfits. Because I dress professionally so infrequently, it wouldn’t be smart to invest in trends. I need just a few quality, basic pieces that I can pack for conferences or wear to networking events.

One of my goals is to look like Annie Walker (Piper Perabo) from Covert Affairs. I’ve only seen two episode of the show, but she always looks professional, yet hip and pretty. Plus, as far as celebrities go, I think Perabo is a reasonable equivalent to my coloring and (goal) body shape.

These photos of her aren’t very impressive (they are all I could find online), but her outfits are always basic, but with just a tiny bit of style (like a colored blouse or belt, or cool jacket) and great shoes. Annie Walker was my inspiration for this set of J.Crew basics I wrote about for Ace recently:

Very plain, but slightly updated with the cropped trousers and silk blouse. I think I could pull off any of these pieces and mix and match them with what I already have in endless ways. Practical!

A huge trend for fall is leopard print. I am usually not an animal print girl, but I am trying to be open minded. I put together this collection of possible leopard accent items for a post on Ace:

So, as you can see, I have been doing my research, and last weekend, I put it to the test. Travis kindly accompanied me on a shopping trip with the goal of getting a few nice outfits that I could wear to the upcoming BlogHer Handmade conference. I focused most of my shopping energy on J.Crew and I found a few key pieces that I absolutely love!

The NY Times style section listed their five things you need for fall. Here are my suggestions:

  • High-waisted skinny jean – These jeans sound like the most unflatterning thing ever — skinny & high wasted? sounds terrible — and I never would have bought them if I hadn’t tried them on and been blown away. My legs look nothing like the girl in this photo, but these jeans are amazingly flattering and comfortable! They look great with a tucked in shirt and heels. I am pretty sure I am going to be wearing them every day, plus they can be dressed up for casual business attire.
  • Café capri in wool – These were the pants that I set out originally to get. I was not sure if they would be flattering on me, but I was thrilled when they looked great and I didn’t even have to go up a size! These pants end at the ankle, so they are great for showing off cute shoes.
  • Blythe blouse in silk – Everywhere you look this season you’ll find silk blouses, and there is no way anyone could go wrong with a classic white one. I love this shirt. So pretty and it goes with everything. I love it tucked into the jeans, with a jacket, or under a sweater. I think I should have bought multiple, but I’m just not that smart.
  • Pia calf hair pumps – I went a little out of my mind and bought these leopard pumps. They are way outside my comfort zone, style-wise, but they just look so fantastic! Great with jeans and skirts and trousers. Since my entire wardrobe is so basic, these pumps are my one item of flair!
  • Skinny leather belt – Belting at the waist is still right on trend. Lady-like silhouettes are in for fall and a nipped in waist helps achieve the look. More adventurous dressers will go with a flashier style, but I am sticking to a basic brown belt with everything.

Such basic pieces, but I am a basic girl. I’ll add some flair with some jewelry or a jacket and pair the pants with tops I already own. Lady-like and refined is the goal.

What are your suggestions or top picks for your fall wardrobe?


FYI: I know that I am a bore for sticking with J.Crew, but it is just so easy! If you visit the Soho store, ask for Caitlin. She is one of the personal shoppers there and she is amazing. She helped me with sizes and was the one who suggested the high wasted jeans. I never considered myself as someone who would utilize a personal shopper, but she was very helpful (and her services are free).


  • Writing… about my dislike of spammy SEO for the Ace Gazette. (Also, we are hosting a live chat about living a life of entrepreneurism tomorrow, Wednesday, April 13th, from 7-8 pm EST. You must be an Ace member to join in and we’d love to have you, so come on over and sign up!)
  • Reading… this Vanity Fair piece about economic inequality in America: “The top 1 percent have the best houses, the best educations, the best doctors, and the best lifestyles, but there is one thing that money doesn’t seem to have bought: an understanding that their fate is bound up with how the other 99 percent live.”
  • Searching… for shoes to wear to a certain wedding in a few weeks.
  • Hosting… the second annual April Stash Bust swap on Swap-bot. Come join us and reduce your craft clutter by swapping some of your stash!

What have you been up to?

spring fashion fantasy

It has been a busy week (what’s new) and I am feeling under the weather, so I decided to have some fun today compiling some of my ideas and fantasies for my spring wardrobe…

Why is it that even in my fashion fantasies, all my clothing is casual? I guess this would be the REAL fantasy… my Oscar gown by Jason Wu!