a shelf and some educational stuff

shelf.jpgI put this shelf up in our office/studio yesterday. It is really high (I wanted it above my bulliten board) and the brackets are too close together (I was trying unsuccessfully to hit studs), but I am happy to have finally gotten it up. It helps to have a little extra storage space. I have another set of brackets and board to hang by the desk for Travis to put his books and cds on. He has a lot of cds.

Anyhoo… not much else happening this weekend. I had a lot of reading to do for school and I am currently working on a small paper due tomorrow. I am thinking about blogging quotes from my reading… It might be boring, but maybe also a bit interesting. Hey, we are learning! Plus, I will pick my favorites so as to weed out the really boring stuff. For today’s quote:

“Every art work creates a world in some respects unique, a combination of vast amounts of conventional materials with some that are innovative. Without the first, it becomes unintelligible; without the second, it becomes boring and featureless, fading into the background like music in supermarkets and pictures on motel walls.” – from Art Worlds, by Howard S. Becker, page 63


diningtable.jpgTravis and I recently put the two leaves in our kitchen table. Our table is this black Francisco table from the Barn. It is nice now because I have lots of work space. Unfortunately, we only have two chairs. They are two metal ice cream parlor chairs handed down from my parents. I actually love those two chairs. I painted them light blue a while ago and I think they are so cute. In the perfect world I would like to find at least two more antique metal chairs and spray paint them some sort of coordinating color to go with the set. I looked on eBay, but the only metal cafe chairs available had wooden seats.


Anyway… I also like painted wood chairs. (By the way, is painted wood tacky? Is it too country? I don’t plan on this being my nice dining set… it will stay in the kitchen… you know, if I ever have more than a kitchen.) So, the chairs pictured above are the Ecco chair from Crate and Barrel, the Isabella chair from Pottery Barn, and the silver birch Windsor chair from Restoration Hardware. All of the painted chairs in the catalogs are always pictured with white tables, which is cute, but maybe too cute for me. (And that is saying something!) I think I could pull it off with my black one. Either that or I would just have to use a tablecloth.

too many cute indie stores!

pinklovesbrown.jpgI just ordered a silhouette pin and card from pink loves brown. It is another little online store that sells paper products and other hand-made stuffs. I love their website! So simple and cute… I think I need to reign in the craziness of the I Love Cute Things site.

There are so many cute crafters selling their lovely things on the internet. I feel like I am just a drop in the bucket… but it is a fun hobby for me, so I think I will keep it up. Plus, I use the money I make to buy things from other crafters. So, the circle of life continues…

some things about U of O

northface.jpgSo, I left for class early today because I had to stop by the post office and mail an order from my store, and then I decided to stop by the Starbucks right by campus… I was wearing my black North Face fleece jacket, you know, because it is waterproof and comfortable and it goes with everyting. Well, it turns out that EVERY SINGLE undergrad girl has the exact same jacket. I am not even exaggerating. I think that the jackets are issued at orientation or something. I saw two girls in line at the post office (as well as myself) wearing the jacket. I think I counted eleven girls on the walk over to Starbucks wearing the same jacket. And the kicker is, I was in line at Starbucks BETWEEN two other girls wearing the same damn black North Face jacket! And, AND, we all three ordered grande-iced-nonfat-white-mochas-no-whip-please. I don’t even know these girls… They are all probably five years younger than me and I am ordering the same coffee drink as them and dressing the exact same as them… except it is one hundred times worse because they were wearing high heels and those ankle-length black stretch pants under their denim mini skirts which is so popular right now. I have a pair of those stretch pants – I wear them when I work out. I am such a loser. I am going to be 25 in like twenty days and I am dressing like the undergrads who aren’t even quite as fashion savvy as their sorority-girl counterparts who at least know it is cool to wear the ankle-length stretch pants in public.

I seriously thought my life was going to be a tad more fabulous. Oh, how fast the dream dies. I thought I actually had some small amount of fashion sense… but obviously, if I am wearing the same thing as everyone else, I went terribly wrong somewhere.

Golden Globe fashion picks

goldenglobes.jpgI didn’t watch the Golden Globes this year. I tried. I watched a bit of the pre-show, but it was so painful listening to Isaac Mizrahi that I had to turn it off. Consequently, I did not get a good overview of the gowns… From what I could round up from my internet sources, these are my two favorites: Ellen Pompeo (I don’t know the designer), and Keira Knightley in Valentino. I love the belt on Pompeo’s dress and the color… and the fact that she didn’t need to show too much skin in order to look beautiful. I am a little iffy about the whole tassle aspect of Knightley’s gown, but I think she looked gorgeous anyway.

Other observations: I was not as enthralled with Charlize Theron’s dress as all of the critics are – I think it makes her look like she has a tummy. I also thought Pamela Anderson looked ridiculous, but what’s new. Gweneth Paltrow looked beautiful and radiant… people are picking on her dress, but I think she looked adorable! She is pregnant, give her a break!

some things about Eugene

1 – It rains a lot! It has been pouring for about three days straight… those people who says it rans a lot here were actually telling the truth! Everything is muddy. It finally stopped this afternoon so I got to go out on a nice long walk…

2 – On my walks I like to look at all of the cute little houses. Today I noticed that one of my favorites has a swastika inlaid in white brick on the chimney. The house may have actually been built before it became the Nazi symbol, but I still think it is a little odd. The wikipedia article (linked above) is actually quite interesting. In many Native American cultures the swastika was a symbol of friendship…

the actual Isabella Fiore bag


A couple of days ago I wrote about a handbag I saw and liked at Saks. At the time I couldn’t find the exact picture of it online… but leave it to Bergdorf Goodman to have all of the beautiful high-end stuff. This is the actual Isabella Fiore hobo that I saw. Saks had the black one, which is beautiful, but I think the light green version is even more lovely. I think I actually like it more than this classic teal Marc Jacobs!

almond joy, my new love

Walked to Dutch Bros. Coffee after my “exercise” hike and ordered something totally new: the Almond Joy. It is a mocha with a bit of coconut-flavored syrup. Sounded a tiny bit weird to me, but it is delicious! I think I will get it from now on…

goodmorning, morning!


organizerdetail.jpgMy order from goodmorning, morning! arrived in the mail yesterday. I ordered this amazing organizer, and I am so excited to have it in my hands! The craftsmanship is superb and it is oh-so-cute! Even though I saw the measurements on the website, the organizer still seemed so big when I opened it. You can really use it to carry a lot of stuff. It would be good for sewing supplies, or even make-up brushes and a few cosmetics. I am going to use it to carry my pens and a few other school supplies and keep it in my bookbag. Lia over at goodmorning, morning! only has two more organizers left right now, so I would go scoop one up quickly if you are interested!

Speaking of quickly disappearing stock… I only have one set of the new valentines stationery left, and unfortunately I don’t have the supplies needed to make more… so, if you were wanting one of those, now’s the time to head on over to I Love Cute Things!

One more cool thing… Travis has completed a neat WordPress plug-in that counts how many comments your blog gets each day and puts the numbers into a little graph. If you scroll down a bit you can see my own little comment graph on my sidebar. You even get to pick the colors! Click here to learn more about downloading the plug-in for your own blog.

another BCBG dress

bcbgdress.jpgI saw this cute BCBG Maxazaria black printed silk chiffon dress at the BCBG store in the Pioneer Place mall today in Portland. It is very sweet and polka-dotty in person, but I didn’t try it on. I am currently keeping my eye out for a cute summer dress to wear to a certain rehersal dinner that I will be attending in a few months…

Some other things I was digging at the mall today:

This Isabella Fiore Large Leather Hobo… but the one I saw at Saks was black, which I prefer.

This J. Crew Silk Chiffon Skirt in Cloud… but I think this skirt is too pretty for me. I don’t know where I could wear it.