the new hairdo


as some of you may know, or have read about on the blog, i got my hair cut and highlighted today. haircuts can be a traumatic experience for me…. but i actually really love this cut and the highlights really brighten it up. it is a good day!

so, that said, i don’t mind having spent the equivelant of 1 oz of Creme de la Mer for my new do…. although those of you who have been keeping up with the blog know how much that is, and probably realize that i am quickly sending travis to the poor house….

no puppy for me.

my kind of website


i just learned about the new Paper Source website. i love paper source. i love it so much i almost hate telling anyone about it because then they’ll know all of my paper secrets…. oh well, i am generous with my style knowledge, plus someday i will have a paper store that is one hundred times better than even paper source!

i want to try these…


these c and c california shirts have been featured all over the place. they have a commercial on tv for american express (i think that’s the card), they were in my daily candy fashion update, and they were on Oprah’s favorite things show. they are supposed to be really soft and fit well, too. you can buy them here at i like the classic tee in icicle, the tank in limeade, or the classic extra long sleeve tee in white.

something else i need…


this Creme de la Mer is supposed to be the best face lotion on the planet. ok, it may cost an outragous $90 for 1 oz of this cream, but they say it is a miracle. it was created by a NASA aerospace physicist (are you listening, seth?) and it is used by all of the most glamorous stars…. i’ve heard Hether Locklear takes baths in it…. i certainly can’t afford this stuff, but don’t you think i’m worth it? it’s available at Halls on the Plaza, if you were wondering, and they have an eye cream, face serum, and some sort of miracle waters that go with it, but i would be more than happy to just get my hands on some of the cream!

my favorite new makeup…


i already have this, so it isn’t a christmas gift idea…. i just really like it. this is the new Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Pink. I got it at Nordstrom last wednesday with my mom. it is really nice. it makes your skin glow, just a bit, and it doubles as a blush or shimmery eye shadow.

(just a suggestion, anything from Bobbi Brown would make a lovely gift… especially the Face Blender Brush. i really need that to go with my Shimmer Brick.)