mmmmmmmm…. mint…


travis and i have started getting ready for the holidays (as evident by the christmas lights already up on our balcony), so i decided to bring home some holiday treats to get us even more in the holiday spirit… at the grocery i found egg nog (yes it is already on the shelves), and these limited holiday edition Mint Kisses. they are delicious! we are going to stock up because, just like the mint M & Ms we love, they only come around once a year!

enough cheap stuff…bring on the diamonds!


now that my engagement ring is going on two years old, i have become used to it’s beautiful glittering presence and, although i still adore it, i have begun to think about my next diamond aquisition… however far in the future it may be….

this is where the Right Hand Diamonds come into play. see, i am not really a diamond tennis bracelet or broach girl (although if you already have one picked out for me for christmas, there is no need to return it!), so another sparkling ring seems right up my ally.

any of the ‘right hand’ diamond rings at Tiffany & Co. would fit the bill, but the one above with its platinum setting, diamond side stones, and round-cut aquamarine is especially nice!

p.s. don’t worry eveyone, i am not really expecting diamonds for christmas… at least not this christmas! i give you five years, travis.

a beauty buy that cost less that $2!


since everyone seems to be worried about the prices of many of my favorite things, i though i would write about one of my greatest beauty necessities that costs less than a Starbucks Caramel Machiato….

Herbal Answer! I need it, I love it, I’ve got to have at least ten on hand and stashed around the house at all times! so if you, too, love lip balms of all sorts, Herbal Answer will be our new best friend!

to coach, or not to coach…


i have been thinking a lot about handbags lately….

i really have been thinking about the marc jacobs white leather bag with his signature buckles that i saw at Halls, but it cost over a grand. i don’t think travis would let me invest in a gorgeous handbag before we are even able to get a new computer…. so, i have had to start thinking about alternatives for my next purse purchase.

this is where Coach comes in. i really like the new Winter White version of the Soho Small Duffle (with the Multi Snowflake Keyfob, ofcourse), and it is quite affordable…. but i have a dilema with Coach. Is not Coach too obvious? Everyone knows that Coach makes quality bags, but the dilema is that everyone, including soccer moms, grandmothers, and teeny boppers, have one. is it possible for one to express their own personal style genius with a handbag that is so popular? i am not sure, but the Winter White Soho sure has a striking resemblance to that beautiful marc jacobs i dream about….

just for fun.

i am excited about my site, but i am doing it just for fun and to help travis expand his web empire. i am not trying to compete with travis’ blog at all. mine is just for being silly and giving travis sugestions of what to get me for christmas! i just wanted to clear that up….

p.s. don’t make fun of me too much, please. thanks!

my hubby is so style-savvy… and thoughtful!


so, travis (my husband for 4 months, now) takes classes at UMKC. some days he has little breaks, and on some of those breaks he goes strolling about the Plaza, like a man-about-town. today on one of these plaza-breaks he bought me a present! i love presents! and he suprised me with it after work (which is good because i worked a long day, today: 7 1/2 hours!).

to make a long story a bit shorter, he delighted me with the presentation of my very own Trish McEvoy Little Treasures Pretty Collection lip palette. it is encased in a sterling silver mirrored compact, with matching retractable lip brush, that both fit in a red suede pouch perfect for purse travel. i am in love with it!

Trish McEvoy cosmetics make very classy gifts.

the most fabulous jeans i have ever owned!


i have been searching for months (sadly, my tride & true j.crew denims split through the crotch) for the perfect new pair of jeans. ask my faithful husband and sweet mom, they spent hours with me at the mall… but, finally, the search is over!

ta da! my new Sevens! they fit perfect (no gapping in the back), they are the perfect length, the perfect color, and finally i have joined the land of the oh-so-hip.

and i don’t care what anyone says about the price tag, i would pay anything for a good pair of jeans! afterall, you wear jeans everyday.

oh, and by the way, these are NOT the knock-off Sevens from (ewwww) Express. i got these babies at Nordstrom.